Concurrent Enrollment (CE)

What is Concurrent Enrollment?

You can earn FREE college credit and high school credit through concurrent enrollment at the same time in LHS classes.

Did you know?

  • You can start concurrent enrollment courses your freshman year
  • We have grown from offering 15 CE courses to 31 CE courses in the 24-25 school year

ASCENT (ACCELERATING STUDENTS THROUGH CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT) allows seniors who have 9 college credits by June 30 to have their first year of college paid for. This includes 2- and 4-year colleges, community colleges, as well as career and vocational-technical colleges.

TREP (TEACHER RECRUITMENT EDUCATION AND PREPARATION) allows qualified seniors interested in a teaching career or early childhood education pathway to have two years of college paid for.

Summer CE gives current high school students the opportunity to earn FREE college credits in unique CE courses that might not be offered during the school year in the month of June. This expands students’ choices!