School Boundary/Bus Route Locator Tool

PLEASE READ: LPS Open Enrollment Guidelines – BOUNDARY CHANGES FOR 2021–2022

  • Due to boundary changes that take effect in the fall of 2021, priority open enrollment for Fall 2021 will be granted to:
    • All high school students who no longer live in their current school’s boundary zone
    • 4th graders going into 5th grade who no longer live in their current school’s boundary zone
    • 7th graders going into 8th grade who no longer live in their current school’s boundary zone
    • No transportation services will be provided in conjunction with these preferential open enrollment options.
  • District residents have priority consideration over non-residents.
  • There is space available at the student’s grade level.
  • There is a school program appropriate for the enrolling student.
  • The student must be in good standing, grades, attendance and behavior, in his or her previous school.
  • Good standing applies to resident and non-resident students seeking new and continuing open enrollment.
  • Open enrolled students must reapply at level changes, elementary to middle and middle to high.
  • Open enrolled students wanting to continue at the same school next year must complete an "Intent to Renew" form. This must be done each year by January 7.

NOTE: If you are attending a school in 2020–2021 that will no longer be your neighborhood home school for 2021–2022, you must complete the Open Enrollment process if you wish to continue at that school. 

Find My School

If you need to look up your address to verify your neighborhood home school, please visit our new infofinder i tool!

You can use this tool to:

  • View current, 2020–2021 school year established bus routes
  • View school assignments for the 2021–2022 school year with the new boundaries in effect
    • 2021–2022 school year school assignments will be displayed as 2021–2022 SY

Times posted on this site reflect the expected time the bus should depart during good weather. Inclement weather or traffic congestion may cause the route to run later than the posted time. We ask that all students be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled stop time to avoid missing the bus. 

The assigned bus and stop for your student is for the current school year only. Routes are subject to change throughout the school year and bus drivers will attempt to notify all riders of upcoming route changes.

*2021–2022 school year boundaries have been approved!*

Bus routes for the 2021–2022 school year will be available to view after Spring of 2021.

Please keep in mind walking distances will stay the same.
     1 mile for elementary school students
     1.5 mile for middle and high school student

InfoFinder i Tool

InfoFinder i


  1. Enter Street Address
  2. Click on the "My Bus Stops" Tab
  3. Bus stops will appear for each school serviced

For the best results when searching:

  • Enter your EXACT street number and street name
  • Avoid using apartment numbers, city, or state
  • Avoid using punctuation
  • Do NOT use zip unless you are unable to find results the first time

*For assistance using the infofinder i tool, please call the Transportation dispatch line: 303-347-4779

*For questions about why your boundaries or home school have changed, please contact Pam Hubbard at phubbard[at][dot]us

The School Boundary/Bus Route Locator Tool is used to provide boundary and bus route information for in-district families to their neighborhood schools. Please note: LPS provides transportation to some programs such as Options MS, Options High, and Phoenix, which is why they are included in this tool. LPS does not provide transportation to Littleton Academy Charter School or Littleton Preparatory Charter School nor do these schools have boundaries; therefore they are not included in this tool. Click on the links for information about Littleton Academy and Littleton Preparatory.

School Boundary Maps

If you need to check boundaries for the upcoming (2021–2022) school year, you may view these pdf maps or use the infofinder i tool. Transportation information (bus routes) will be added as it becomes available.

Elementary Schools

(for 2021–2022 school year ONLY)

Middle Schools

High Schools