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We are so excited to share that we will be offering the LPS Summer Concurrent Enrollment program for a second year.  This program provides a great opportunity for students to earn FREE college credit while in high school.

This is NOT LPS Summer School for credit recovery. Summer CE is an opportunity for students seeking college credit opportunities.

Registration begins on April 7th, 2023, and ends on May 30, 2023.

  • Adjunct professors posted their schedule (format, days, times) in the left column of this webpage.
  • We would like a minimum of 8-10 students per class for each class to run. 
  • Classes will be capped around 25, so spots are limited.

Who | All current 9th-11th graders can apply, that can meet the prerequisites. Seniors can register if they are also participating in the ASCENT program.
When | May 31st - June 29th, 2023
Dates | Week 1: May 31, June 1, 2  Week 2: June 5-8  Week 3: 12-15   Week 4: 20-23  Week 5: 26-29
Time | 10am or 1pm classes   4 days a week
Time | 2-3 hours per day depending on the # of credits
Where | Arapahoe High School if face to face

Course Schedules | CSC1019, ENG1021, HIS1310, HUM1015MAT1340, PSY1001
Accommodations | Process
Transportation | On your own
Grades | These courses are part of your high school transcript and GPA

Drop and Withdrawal Dates - Student Summer CE Guidance Document

Formats |

  1. LIVE synchronous | Webcams on and learning together online or
  2. HYBRID | Face to face at Arapahoe High School and some days LIVE synchronous
  3. IN PERSON | Face to face at Arapahoe High School

Summer CE Schedule 2023

Registration starts April 7th 2023

CE 2023 Summer Course Schedules

Computer Science 1019
Adjunct Professor | Kristi Bownds
Schedule | Description
Syllabus | Google Classroom

English 1021
Adjunct Professor | Kate Dusto
Schedule | Description
Syllabus | Google Classroom

History 1310
Adjunct Professor | Jackie Price
Schedule | Description
​Syllabus | Google Classroom

Humanities 1015
Adjunct Professor | Steve Miles
Schedule | Description
Syllabus | Google Classroom

Math 1340 College Algebra
Adjunct Professor | Spenser Hickle
Schedule | Description
​Syllabus | Google Classroom

Psychology 1001
Adjunct Professor | Jeff Corson
Schedule | Description
Syllabus | Google Classroom

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