Can You Do STEM + IB?

The answer is "Yes".  And, you'll need to make sure you're aware of, and meet, the requirements of both programs.

The likelihood of being able to complete the requirements of both the STEM Certificate Program AND Littleton High School's International Baccalaureate Diploma program is greatly increased when students begin their STEM participation as Freshmen or Sophomores.  Students who want to complete both programs will need to carefully plan their course selections. Mapping out the courses you plan to take each semester will help ensure you won't run into problems.  It is important to set up an appointment to meet with your counselor to assist you as you do your course planning.  Keep in mind that all LHS students have additional requirements in order to graduate (including physical education, fine arts/practical arts, swimming, civics).
Students can take their courses in any number of combinations.  One clear strategy is as follows:
  • Take "Tech Studies 1" as a Freshman or Sophomore (which is a prerequisite for IB Design Tech)
  • Take "IB Design Tech" as your IB "Sixth Subject".  This is a two year (4 semester) course and counts as four STEM electives. 
  •  Accumulate as many of your 100 hours of STEM extra-curricular activities and experiences as possible during your Freshman and Sophomore years.
  •  New this year:  IB Psychology has been designated as a STEM elective course.  This course may also be taken as an IB "Sixth Subject".

Remember, the IB program require students to log 150 hours for their CAS (Community Activity Service) requirement. If an activity/involvement meets the requirements of both STEM and IB, you may count up to 50 of those hours toward both programs.  Keep in mind that IB requirements are quite specific and well-defined by the IB governing body . Check in with Mrs.Clapsaddle/Mrs. Anderson (for IB) AND Ms. Bartlett (for STEM) before you embark on an activity to be certain you understand whether or not the activity will meet the requirements of either/both programs.

If you decide you will not be able/willing to participate in both of these programs, we strongly suggest that completion of the IB program take precedence, if it is otherwise appropriate for you.  It is broadly recognized by colleges and universities worldwide, and provides a comprehensive and integrated curriculum for high achieving students.
Please see Ms. Anderson, Mrs. Clapsaddle, Mrs. Bartlett and/or your counselor with questions.