Concurrent Enrollment

At Littleton Public Schools we are proud to offer concurrent enrollment that allows high school students to take courses that can count toward college credit, certification credit AND graduation required credits in LPS, through the same course.

What is Concurrent Enrollment?

Concurrent Enrollment is a college-level course offered on the high school campus or off-campus at ACC. Tuition is paid by Littleton Public Schools if the student receives a C grade or better. Students are responsible for transportation and any textbook or fees associated with the class if taken at ACC.


  • Be in the 9th -12th grade | thru age 21
  • Have 85% attendance or higher 
  • Meet any college course prerequisites, if applicable.
  • Be on track for graduation

2021-2022 Course Offerings

CE on an LPS high school campus

CE on the ACC campus

Application Process

Students must complete the application/registration process before each semester - it is good for ONE SEMESTER ONLY.  LPS will not pay concurrent enrollment for students who do not go through the below process.

Students complete application materials in the semester prior to the semester they wish to attend.

College level courses offered on the high school campus with a CE certified instructor.

RRCC Application | Theatre Courses

College level courses offered off-campus (traveling to a college campus) or virtually at a college campus.

College level courses within LPS and with neighboring school districts, through Career and Technical Education programs.