Student e-Portfolio

The e-Portfolio is an important part of the requirements to earn a STEM Certificate.  It serves as a cohesive set of evidence of the student's learning throughout their STEM elective courses.

Mrs. Bartlett-Mogg (STEM Program Coordinator, hbartlettmogg[at][dot]us) will create your e-Portfolio initially and 'share' it with you on Google Docs.  Managing your e-Portfolio is easy.  The teacher in each STEM elective will assign which artifacts (photos, projects, videos, plans etc.) to upload.  They will also ask to you to post a reflective writing piece for each uploaded item. Student e-Portfolios will be maintained until they graduate.  STEM e-Portfolios  can serve as a noteworthy addition to college and employment applications.

Click here to see a sample of a student e-Portfolio.
You must follow these steps when submitting your work to your STEM Portfolio:
  • Make sure you understand which assignments your teacher has asked you to submit to your Portfolio.
  • Upload your work (photos, pieces of code, screenshots, videos, documents etc.) and your reflective writing about the assignment to the appropriate STEM Elective Class page on your personal STEM Portfolio.
  • "Share" your Portfolio both with the teacher of the class AND Mrs. Bartlett-Mogg (hbartlettmogg[at][dot]us). If you do not take this step, we will not have access to your Portfolio and will not be able to check your work.  You will not be given credit for your work if you don't "Share" it correctly AND turn in the Completion Ticket.
  • Download and print a copy of the "Portfolio Completion Ticket" (click here).
  • Complete the ticket and ask your teacher to sign the ticket.  Before they can sign your ticket, they will need to be able to access your Portfolio to view your work.
  • Once the ticket is completed, turn it in to Mrs. Bartlett-Mogg using the envelope posted on the door to the STEM office.


Tracking Your Extra-curricular Hours:
One of the components of either the Purple or Gold STEM Certificate is the completion of "The 100"  (the 100 hours of STEM-related extra curricular activities) by the time you graduate from Littleton. That sounds like a big number, but if you begin early you'll be able to accomplish that goal.  For example, if you participate in the Technology Student Association at LHS, you will accumulate between 40 and 60 hours each year!  Participating in the Shades of Blue engineering workshops at LHS will get you 18 hours over the nine weeks.
We will post upcoming extra curricular activities, opportunities and events regularly on the main STEM website, in the lefthand column under the heading "Extra Curricular Opportunities". 
  • In some cases, these events will be school sponsored field trips or activities.  
  • In other cases, they will be opportunities in the Denver area that you can participate in or attend on your own or with your family or friends.  
  • We also encourage you to research additional ways to expose yourself to cool STEM-ish experiences on your own.  
Keep in mind that in order for the activity to count toward your 100 hours, it must be closely related to Science-Technology-Engineering-Math areas.  If you aren't sure if something will qualify, contact Mrs. Reimers before you attend the event to be certain.
Be sure to record the extra-curricular time you spend using the spreadsheet template below, to help you reach your 100 hour goal. Round your time to the nearest half hour. 
  • If the event/activity is not school organized/sponsored you will need to print out the "Extra-Curricular Hours Verification Form", and have an adult supervisor at the event/activity print and sign their name and include their email address and phone number. 
  • Turn the completed form in to Mrs. Bartlett.  You may drop the form off at the STEM office in the envelope titled "Completed forms" which is taped to the window. You will only be given credit for hours if you turn in a form.  All forms will be retained in your student file.
From time to time, Mrs. Bartlett-Mogg will contact the person on your form to verify your participation.