Social Studies

Philosophical Assumptions

  1. That students have the inherent ability and responsibility to be useful citizens in America as well as the world. Also, they should be educated in the Social Studies in order to develop their understanding and awareness of the diversity of humankind and potential of themselves.
  2. That in the inevitable process of change, it is necessary for the student to understand and cope with the complexities which involve human behavior as a societal entity and accept responsibility for him/herself and others.
  3. That the search for truth necessitates the scientific scrutiny of an unlimited diversity of knowledge. Moreover, topics of study should be approached objectively and students encouraged to reach their own conclusions in a rational manner.
  4. That the social studies have, as their underlying principles, the development of conceptual understanding, the development of attitudes and appreciation, and the development of skills and competencies in the various disciplines.
  5. That students develop communication skills.
  6. That students develop an appreciation and awareness of other cultures and value systems.