LPS is committed to promoting a safe and healthy "cyber climate" for all students. This site is designed to provide a central location for resources to support parents in a world of ever-changing technology.  

Digital Citizenship in a Connected Culture

This is a (free) curriculum designed to empower a generation of responsible and engaged digital citizens. It provides a framework and resources to help teachers, families and other trusted adults:

  1. Introduce reliable, research-based information to students about digital media and their impact
  2. Help students explore the complex issues of digital ethics
  3. Help students build digital citizenship life skills – Advice for Parents   
(cybersmart is now a part of commonsense)


Cell phones are amazing devices but all kids need support and guidance related to safe and healthy use of a personal phone. "Smartphones" provide internet access either through the cell service or a wi fi connection. Many devices like ipods, iphones and ipads can access the internet through a wifi connection even without cellular service. In LPS, we have filters on our wired networks and wifi networks, but students can still access the internet through unfiltered cellular service on their phone.  

See the resources below to help support your student to use their phone wisely.

Digital Family Resources