Littleton High School Attendance

Report an Absence       Absence Line: 303-347-7730        Recording Line: 303-734-6800 

Absence Reporting
When reporting an absence to the Attendance Office, the student's name, grade, class periods missed, and reason for the absence are necessary information for our records. If students are absent for less than a full day, they are required to sign in and out at the Attendance Office. It is required that parents report all absences to the school within 24 hours. The number to call 24 hours a day is 303-734-6800; also, from 6:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. you may call 303-347-7730.
We always prefer that you excuse your student's absence prior to (or on the day of) the absence, however, we understand that situations arise and sometimes this is not possible. Absences must be excused within 72 hours of the absence. If you have extenuating circumstances please reach out to an administrator. 
Absences that occur after a student has attended a class must be excused at the time of the absence. Students MUST sign out at the Attendance Office. At that time an attempt will be made to contact the parent/guardian or persons listed on the student's emergency card. If no one can be contacted, the student will not be allowed to sign out. 
Absence verses Tardy
When a student is more than 10 minutes late arriving to class, he/she will be counted as absent (with the absence counting toward activity attendance or participation). The student will go to class and may still get the work and credit for work done. Approved appointments will not count as a tardy. In addition, approved appointments that cause a student to miss more than 10 minutes of class will be an excused absence.
The home will be contacted by a person, computer phone call or e-mail on all absences that have occurred during the day that are not excused by 2:45 p.m. on the day of the absence. Automatic attendance calling does not leave messages on phones with call-blocking.
Prearranged Absences
Requests for prearranged absences (click here to download and print form) must be made at least three school days prior to the absence. The teacher will inform the student at the time of the request when missed work needs to be completed. College visitations, religious occasions, vacations, and non-LHS related athletic/activity events are examples of prearranged absences.
Make-Up Work
Credit for work missed during excused absences will be allowed when the required work is satisfactorily completed. Students shall have at least one day for every day of absence, generally not to exceed ten school days, to make-up any missed assignments. It is the student's responsibility to obtain make-up work. Students who have unexcused absences (other than suspensions) will not be allowed credit for work missed. 
Students who have an unexcused absence due to a suspension, will be responsible for all work and assignments missed. It is the student's responsibility to request all make-up work and the teacher's responsibility to provide the make-up work. A grade of "0" will be recorded for any work not made up within the allotted time. Amount of credit assigned is based on teacher discretion.