Post Grad

The LHS Post Grad Center is a fully staffed, vibrant resource open to all students and their parents.

Post Grad Center staff and trained volunteers “get it”, and begin working with students early in their high school career to develop each individual’s plan for their own “Life After Littleton”. 

Regardless of a student's goals for their lives beyond high school, each student will be exposed to everything that Post Grad has to offer and to meet with PGC staff members several times during their years at LHS - in their Seminar classes, at evening events and in their required one-on-one meetings as both Juniors and Seniors, or by appointment or drop-in. 

This adds up to amazing opportunity for students to get the information, access to tools and resources, and the coaching they’ll need to maximize their post LHS opportunities.

If you have questions, please contact Ms. Becky Reimers (rreimers[at][dot]us),

OR Ms. Suzanne Mountfort (smountfort[at][dot]us), or call 303-347-7721.

Post-High School Planning Calendar for Junior & Senior Year!

The Post-High School Planning Calendar for both college and career planning is a guide for Juniors and Seniors to use throughout the year to keep track of important events such as standardized testing (SAT, ACT), meetings in the Post Grad Center, and college/career fairs in the community. Also, check out this Doorways Presentation for help with your post-secondary planning. 

Naviance...? Whaaa...?

Log on to your Naviance account HERE.

How To...

Admissions Reps Visit LHS

Attention Juniors & Seniors!

Did you know that admissions reps from over 125 schools from across the country will visit LHS to meet with students who're interested in learning more about that college? 

Each rep will hold a separate meeting which Juniors and Seniors can attend to find out more about that particular school and ask specific questions.  The meetings last from 30-45 minutes and students must sign up on their Naviance account.  Click the "Colleges I'm Thinking About" link and look in the lefthand column of the page under "College Visits".  Students will need to stop by Post Grad early on the day of the meeting to pick up a pass out of class to attend the meeting.

These reps are often the first member of their admissions team to review students' applications, and they typically retain a list of the students who attended their meetings in high schools.

This is a terrific opportunity for you to find out more about schools you're interested in. The reps are often the first people who will review your application, so its a way to connect with those people. Check the most up to date list of schools on your Naviance account. Sign up to attend there, and then stop by the Post Grad Center prior to the designated meeting time to pick up a pass out of class.  Piece of cake!

Senior Meetings

One-on-One Meetings For Seniors

Every LHS Senior will meet one-on-one with a trained volunteer in the Post Grad Center during an OFF hour at some time in September or early October.  Seniors will sign themselves up for these meetings, using the SignUp Genius platform and live links that will be provided by their Seminar teachers.  These meetings will continue the discussion that we began with students during the spring of their Junior year about their lives after high school graduation.  Students can choose to focus on the college search and application process, or on the many excellent alternatives to college: skilled trades/tech education and career options, certificate programs, apprenticeships and the military. 
All Seniors should already be familiar with our online college search/planning/application tool, Naviance and how to log on and use the amazing array of tools this platform offers. If students have questions about any of this, feel free to stop by Post Grad for some help. In Senior Meetings this fall, students will be exposed to lots more information about the college/trade school application process, as well as exactly how to accomplish the required tasks.
The meetings are 45 minutes in length and student will schedule themselves for their meeting (using SignUp Genuis in their Seminar class) during an OFF period on the student's schedule.  If a student doesn't have an OFF period, they can schedule a meeting during a lunch period.  These are somewhat shorter than class period meetings, so please be on time!  You are welcome to bring your lunch to Post Grad if you're scheduled during lunch.
Attendance is mandatory, but don't worry, you won't want to miss out!

College Week at LHS

September 30 - October 4

Juniors & Seniors.....

It's a very busy time in Post Grad!   Admissions representatives from nearly 125 colleges from both Colorado and across the nation will visit Littleton throughout the autumn, and into winter, but early October will be especially active.

 Don't you DARE miss out on this opportunity to meet with the admissions rep from school you're interested in applying to

Free FAFSA Workshop!

Wednesday, October 23rd, 4:30-7:30pm

Hadley Branch Library (Denver Public Library) 1890 South Grove St.

The first step in the financial aid process is to complete the 2020-2021 FAFSA!

Financial aid consists of scholarships, grants, loans and work-study employment opportunities that are available to help students pay for the cost of attending college. The FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, is the primary form that the federal government, states and colleges use to award financial aid. Students need to submit the FAFSA every year to continue to be considered for financial aid. Click here for more details.

Non-College Options for "Life After Littleton"

The Post Grad Center strongly encourages all students to develop a plan for their "Life After Littleton". Whether your plan includes pursuing a college degree or not, EVERY student needs to continue their life's education.  This can include:

- 4 year college degrees
- 2 year college degrees
- training for a certificate in a specific field
- apprenticeships in a skilled labor field
- joining the military
Check out the link in the lefthand column of this page title "Alternatives to College".

Paying for College

The new "My Colorado Journey" website has replaced "College in Colorado" as a FREE website with worlds of resources to help you discover your path, design your plan and own your future through higher education.  Visit the  website for an overview of the financial aid process for college that includes information on:

Price Tags for Colorado Schools: