IB Staff


Claudia Anderson is in her 17th year as the IB Diploma Coordinator. She teaches the IB Theory of Knowledge course, and  is the Extended Essay coordinator. Ms. Anderson has taught high school literature (including IB literature) at Littleton High School and in Aspen. She is in the building Monday through Friday. Contact information: ceanderson[at]lps.k12.co[dot]us; 303-347-7724.


Language Arts/Group 1

Kristin Chase - IB DP Language and Literature (11th grade); kchase[at]lps.k12.co[dot]us

Tiffany Fisher - IB DP Advanced Literature Studies (12th grade); tnfisher[at]lps.k12.co[dot]us


World Language/Group 2

Hilary Anthamatten - IB DP French 4 (11/12); hanthamatten[at]lps.k12.co[dot]us  

Laura Griffin - IB DP Spanish 4 (11/12);  lgriffin[at]lps.k12.co[dot]us


Individuals and Societies/Group 3

Will Daniel - IB DP European History (11th grade); wdaniel[at]lps.k12.co[dot]us

Lisa Sutterer - IB DP European History (11th grade); lsutterer[at]lps.k12.co[dot]us

James Gordon - IB DP 20th Century History (12th grade); jgordon[at]lps.k12.co[dot]us


Science/Group 4

Leslie Fotopolus - IB DP Sports, exercise and health science, IB Chemistry (11/12); lfotopulos[at]lps.k12.co[dot]us

Becky Mann - IB DP Biology year one (11th grade); rmann[at]lps.k12.co[dot]us

Maggie Chen - IB DP Biology year two (12th grade); mchen[at]lps.k12.co[dot]us


Mathematics/Group 5

Daniella Watkins - IB DP Math Analysis SL;  dwatkins[at]lps.k12.co[dot]us

Jared Prince - IB DP Math Applications SL; jsprince[at]lps.k12.co[dot]us

Jim Kennicutt - IB DP Math Analysis HL; jkennicutt[at]lps.k12.co[dot]us


The Arts and Sixth Subjects/Group 6

David Decker - IB Business Management (11/12); jdecker[at]lps.k12.co[dot]us

Don Emmons - IB DP Music (11/12); demmons[at]lps.k12.co[dot]us

Mike McShea - IB DP Psychology (11/12); mmcshea@lps.k12.co.us

Jennifer Jeannelle - IB DP Studio Art (11/12) - jjeannelle[at]lps.k12.co[dot]us

Pamela Wilkins - IB DP Design Technology (11/12); pwilkins[at]lps.k12.co[dot]us


Theory of Knowledge & Extended Essay

Claudia Anderson, DP TOK, (11/12), ceanderson[at]lps.k12.co[dot]us