IB Exams and Diplomas

2024 exam schedule

Click here to view the 2024 IB Exam Schedule Our testing site is here at LHS.  Please see the schedule for room numbers for each exam as we are not using the same room for all exams. Students should arrive 15 minutes before the start of each examination, and not schedule work or other activities too close to the published end of the exam session. For more information check out What to know for exams.


Students taking IB and AP exams might want to view this combined schedule 2024 IB & AP Exam Schedule

IB General Regulations

The IB Organization requires that all students and their parents read and understand the General Regulations.

Please look closely at Article 3 (Page 2), Article 13 (page 9) and Article 20 (page 12).

Click here to review these regulations before signing the exam registration materials.

Exam fees

Families pay their students' IB exam fees during the month of October. There is a per-subject exam fee of about $120.

Most juniors test in one or two subjects in May (they are not permitted to test in more than two). Seniors test in four, five or six subjects during May, depending on how many subjects they completed as juniors.

Earning the IB Diploma


 Students earn the IB diploma (in addition to a Littleton High School diploma) by scoring at least 24 of 45 possible points on their assessments.

Each subject is scored out of 7 possible points and a combination of 3 'bonus' points may be earned depending on performance on the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) assessments and Extended Essay (EE). Students who fail (earn a score of E, or elementary) on the Extended Essay cannot receive the IB diploma. Likewise, students who fail to complete their Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) requirements forfeit the chance of earning their IB diploma.

Exam and diploma results are released by the International Baccalaureate Organization in early July.

IB students who do not complete their CAS volunteer program cannot earn the IB Diploma.