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Prospective STEM Students


The STEM Certificate Program at Littleton High School is available to any student, beginning with incoming Freshmen. Beginning the program as early as possible in students' high school career is very helpful in order to complete the various requirements, and to take full advantage of opportunities.

Take some time to read through all of the information on this website, paying particular attention to the requirements of the two different levels of certificate which are available: Purple Certificate and Gold Certificate.  It's wise to discuss your decision to apply with your parents, teachers and/or your counselor at school.  

If you are a current LHS student, when you're certain you want to become a part of the STEM program, please email Mrs. Bartlett, STEM Program Coordinator at hbartlettmogg[at][dot]us, or stop by the STEM office  (located in the library), or your counselor's office. Students are welcome to register to participate at any time during the school year, and at any time during their high school career. The earlier, the better, of course!

If you will be a Freshman next fall (Class of 2022) or an eighth grader participating in LHS Early High School (Class of 2023), click here to register online.  Although the program doesn't have a cap on the number of students participating, it's wise to register before you select your classes in early February.  STEM students are given priority when requesting STEM elective courses.