IB Alumni

What our alumni are doing

Littleton High School IB graduates matriculate to a wide variety of colleges and universities throughout the United States. See our Matriculation list 2021.pdf for details.

2020 graduate Rebecca Zickerman's CAS project was featured on CBS 4.






Ronan Baccarini Class of 2020 is currently studying finance at the University of Colorado and has done exceptionally well. He's been on the Dean's List every semester and just won an award for academic excellence. This summer he plans to transfer to the University of Virginia to continue his studies in finance.


Kathleen Lee Class of 2019. With her IB diploma, Kathleen entered CU Denver with sophomore standing and is now earning her Bachelor of Science and Master of Public Health degree by May 2023. Because of merit scholarships, including the Reisher, the Merkle and the Lillis, and need based financial aid, Kathleen has no out of pocket expenses for her education. Kathleen hopes to go into heathcare administration, management or policy writing for marginalized groups of people in the US. She says about her studies in public health that, “one of the interesting things I have learned is that the successes of public health are silent; you don’t hear about a public health crisis until the system has broken down in some way.” Kathleen wants to make sure public health issues are tackled before they become a crisis. Upon reflection, Kathleen recalls that the community at LHS gave her a voice, a sense of community within the small cohort of the IB diploma program, and the realization that relationships with her teachers and her peers were paramount to her success. Her high school experience taught her the importance of responsibility, time-management, and self-motivation.  At UC Denver, Kathleen holds officer positions in two Asian student groups, where she is making connections with professionals in the community and helping students like herself navigate their life after college.



rilRiley Mulhern Class of 2010 is a PhD student at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in the Gillings School of Global Public Health. He worked previously as a technical water quality adviser for a Bolivian environmental justice nonprofit addressing issues of mining contamination in rural indigenous communities in Oruro, Bolivia. He received his B.S. in physics and geology from Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL and M.S. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder. He has also worked previously on water projects in Nicaragua and Haiti.



Two time, emmy award winning, documentary film maker Jamie Boyle, class of 2006, was featured on 9news discussing her latest documentary Anonymous Sister





Teju Ravilochan graduated from LHS in 2004. He came to LHS for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program where he earned enough credits to start as a second semester sophomore at CU

Boulder. There he majored in International Affairs. After college he and some friends started a non-profit organization called Unreasonable Institute (now Uncharted) which helped fund and grow innovators’ ideas to address poverty and climate-related issues across the globe, supporting more than 250 ventures to raise over $250 million and benefit over 47 million people. For this work, Teju was named a Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur, an Inc. Magazine 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur, and invited to speak at TEDxMileHigh. After nine years as CEO there, Teju began his next endeavor called GatherFor (gatherfor.org), which started in response to the pandemic. Seeking to challenge the “you take care of you, I take care of me” culture of the United States, GatherFor organizes neighbors experiencing food, job, and housing insecurity into teams of 5-7 to support each other holistically. Drawing on their resourcefulness and wisdom, these “Neighbor Teams” work together to find and create new livelihoods, care for their children, provide stable housing to their families, and more. They receive direct cash assistance, a network of relevant partners, and the training they require as they share stories, resources, and plans to fulfill their needs. Together, they are part of building a “Neighborhood Safety Net.”


Gwen Amber Class of 1999 was elected to the the USA Ultimate Hall of Fame. 

In addition to becoming a leader in the sport of ultimate, Gwen played basketball at LHS and was our very first candidate to take the IB art exam. To learn more about Gwen, click here and scroll down for her bio.