About the Program

Application Deadline Extended 

Early High School is an Accelerated Program of Studies for 8th Graders at Littleton High School

We are proud to offer families this program for high achieving 8th graders from both within and outside our district. Early High School is a unique public, one-year, full-day program for eighth graders on the campus of Littleton High School.

The program is based on three fundamental premises:

  • More and more eighth grade students and families are requesting more and more acceleration, often beyond what traditional middle school programs are able to offer.  
  • In addition to accelerated core classes, Littleton High School has an enormous amount of electives and activities to offer, and starting one year early is a great way to take advantage of those offerings. 
  • While many students are not emotionally or socially ready for high school one year early, some are, and those students who are truly academically and socially ready for high school should not be held back.

The point is to start early, not to finish early.

We are not proponents of early graduation.  Our program is not aimed at sending sixteen-year-olds to college.  Rather, the program is designed to allow students to get a jump start on the rich programs that are available at the high school level. 

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How to apply

We will begin accepting applications on October 24th.

The application process has three parts. Application deadline Extended.

Part 1 is the online form.  It includes a parent statement of support that may be up to 500 words.

Part 2 is a packet that you will assemble, which includes your academic records (transcript, current grades, test scores, IEP/504 if applicable, behavioral record, and attendance records), and a hand-written student statement. 

The student statement should include:  3 words to describe yourself, why you would like to come to Early High School, how you can contribute to our program, and any challenges you see participating in Early High School and MUST be handwritten by the student. Successful student statements are approximately 1 page in length. 

Please also print out the  2024-25 Early High School - Signature Page.pdf and either insert in packet or sign, scan and email directly to tclapsaddle[at]lps.k12.co[dot]us

You must mail or deliver your Part 2 paperwork to Littleton High School, attn. Early High School.  

Part 3 consists of three core (math, science, language arts, social studies) teacher references:  We strongly suggest that one of your references come from a math teacher. In the application form you provide us with 3 teacher names and email addresses. After we send them the link, those three educators will complete an online form and submit it directly to the Early High School Program.  Those recommendations are confidential, and you will not see them.  Please allow your references adequate time to complete their part of the process.

Your application will be complete when all three parts have been received at Littleton High School. Application deadline extended. 

Early High School 8th Grade Program