Algebra / Algebra Honors

Dear Algebra 1 Families,

We are pleased to share with you that Littleton High School is now offering an honors option for our 9th math course. Both Algebra 1 and Honors Algebra 1 are now available. It has long been our goal to encourage more students to engage in honors level work. In addition to offering Honors Algebra 1, we are changing the structure of our honors offering to make it possible for more students to participate.

Algebra 1 and Honors Algebra 1 will be taught together in the same classroom. That creates the opening for students to attempt honors, or step back to the regular course, without disrupting their overall schedules.

Our goal is to carefully differentiate instruction within the class. We are working to create class activities and structures so that honors prioritizes better work over more work. (Of course, sometimes better work is indeed more work.)

There has always been considerable overlap between Algebra 1 and Honors Algebra 1 and that will show up in class. There will be times that honors and non-honors students will be working together. There will also be times when the honors students will be grouped together. Assignments and assessments will also reflect this reality of considerable overlap paired with differentiated tasks and expectations.

The honors section will carry a weighted grade. To balance our desire to see more students attempt honors while respecting the reward of a weighted grade, all students wishing to enroll in the honors group will need to do so within the first six weeks (by September 26). After this six week cutoff students would need to wait until the next semester to make the change. Should a student decide to move from the honors group to the non-honors group they will be able to make that change during the first 12 weeks (by November 7). In summary – a six week window is open to move up and a twelve week window is open to move down. Current grades would carry over from one section to the other. Students making a late change into the honors group may be asked to make up particular honors assignments.

If your student’s teacher is concerned about misplacement, we will contact you to discuss next steps. We are excited about the potential offered by a model that lets students observe and attempt honors level work without disrupting their semester schedule. Students will now have up to six weeks to make the honors enrollment decision. As teachers we have the opportunity to more intentionally differentiate instruction for the wide range of students present in any class. We hope that this flexibility will also create openings for conversations at home about which section best meets the needs of your student.

As always, you are encouraged to share any questions you might have with your student’s teacher.

Department Staff