IB College information

Where our graduates go

Littleton High School IB graduates matriculate to a wide variety of colleges and universities throughout the United States. Many of them receive college credit for their IB diplomas. In the state of Colorado, IB diploma graduates earn a minimum of 24 college credits at any of the state colleges and universities (with the exception of the School of Mines). Click here to to view our  College Credit (3).pdf document.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma is recognized differently by universities and colleges globally and in the U.S. Many students have used their IB credits to lower the cost of tuition or to graduate early and many colleges and universities also give scholarship money for scores earned in IB subjects. 

The IBO has prepared an interesting document explaining some common admissions assumptions as they pertain to IB diploma candidates.To view this document, click here.

To see a list of recent years' graduates and the colleges they attended, please click here.

                                                                 The Littleton High School IB Class of 2019

Post-graduate planning

Our Post Grad Center is staffed Monday-Thursday by two staff members and a team of knowledgeable volunteers. Visit the Post Grad page of our website, where students may access their Naviance accounts for post-graduate planning, as well as information about the college process, application deadlines, the NET College Access class, and more.