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Welcome to Littleton Public Schools, a destination district just a few miles south of Denver.

LPS is home to an exceptional community of approximately 2,000 professionals. 78 percent of teachers hold advanced degrees, reinforcing our commitment to academic excellence. Over 75 LPS high school teachers are also adjunct professors, enabling our students to get free college credit at their home high school. Additionally, 43 percent of LPS teachers and 20 percent of classified staff have been working for LPS for more than ten years. 10 percent of LPS teachers are former LPS students. This enduring dedication and loyalty reflects the deep-rooted sense of community and belonging found in LPS.

In LPS, we understand that the wellbeing of our employees is critical to our success. LPS staff members are supported through a comprehensive benefit package, professional development, growth opportunities, and mental health support.

The LPS community stands unwaveringly behind the district, consistently demonstrating their commitment through the successful passage of every bond election and mill levy override, empowering the district to maintain state-of-the-art facilities, offer outstanding curricula to students, and provide competitive salaries to recruit and retain the most dedicated professionals in the field.

In LPS, staff members are not just employees; each is a valued member of a thriving educational family.


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Pull Quote: "I came to this district from a much larger district and was drawn to the connections between community and schools.  I stayed because of the strong relationships I formed within my team, whole building and district.  In this district it is easy to build relationships with all teams and the community.  - Elementary Teacher"

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