Rehearsal Details & Transportation Information for Seniors (Graduation Day)

  • The graduation ceremony for the Class of 2024 will be held at Denver University, Magness Arena at 5:00 pm on Saturday, May 25, 2024.
  • A mandatory graduation rehearsal will be held at Littleton High School in the South Gym before graduation at TBD on May 25, 2024. Students may drive themselves or be dropped off at LHS. Upon completion of the rehearsal, all graduating seniors will be bused to Denver University.
  • Graduates should come for the rehearsal dressed nicely according to the graduation dress guidelines listed below. Graduates should bring their caps and gowns on a hanger. Once at LHS, graduates will not be permitted to leave for Denver University until the rehearsal is complete.
  • Students, please do not bring your cell phones to the rehearsal or the ceremony. If an adult sees you with your phone, your phone will be taken and placed in a checked area. It will be available for your retrieval after graduation ends. Again, we ask that you do not bring your phone at all to the rehearsal/graduation.
  • RECESSIONAL - Following the ceremony, ALL graduates will pick up their diploma as well as retrieve any personal items in the adjacent gym at DU. Family members can meet their graduates on the west side of the Ritchie Center near the soccer stadium. Buses will be available to transport any graduates needing transportation back to Littleton High School. If busing is needed, students should meet at the front entrance of the Ritchie Center where graduates were dropped off. Buses will depart at TBD. All other graduates are welcome to leave DU with their family/friends. 

Dress Requirements

You should come to LHS dressed for the ceremony with your cap (including tassel) and gown on a hanger. Plan carefully! Administrators will send students home to change if their attire is not appropriate. In order for our graduates to make the best appearance as a group and participate in the ceremony, we reauire the following:


  • shirt with collar (no tank tops)
  • dress pants (no jeans or shorts)
  • dress shoes (no flip-flops, tennis shoes, hiking boots)


  • dress or dress pants & blouse (no jeans or shorts)
  • dress shoes - flats are best (no flip flops, tennis shoes, hiking boots)

No regalia or decoration of any kind may be worn over or on the outside of the graduation attire (caps and gowns), other than items issued to the graduates by Littleton High School. You may NOT decorate your cap until after the ceremony. 

Graduates are asked to leave all personal items with a family member or in their vehicles, as no items, including cell phones, are to be carried with them at the rehearsal or the ceremony. We will have boxes for car keys but will not be responsible for purses, cell phones, or other bulky items.