2018 Bond Progress

Thank you Littleton Public Schools voters! Through your support of a $298M bond, LPS can begin to strategically replace the district’s aging facilities in a way that also addresses transportation and school size challenges. This will also allow LPS to renovate a recently purchased property to create a new Career and Technical Education and Innovation Center for the district, as well as maintain district facilities according to need, including charter schools, by addressing the backlog of projects that are not considered critical health and safety priorities but are still important as the district continues to prolong the life of aging facilities and address accessibility issues until the district can replace them in decades to come. This $298M bond will also be used to replace old, outdated student desks and classroom furniture in every school with new furnishings that will facilitate modern instruction while accommodating students with a variety of needs.

“LPS created a forward-thinking, visionary roadmap for the future that resonated with our community. We need to start rebuilding the district’s capital infrastructure, and our taxpayers have agreed that the time is now. This bond has something for everyone; every LPS student will benefit. I cannot stress enough the dramatic impact of Bond Issue 4A passing. It will literally change the face of LPS for decades to come.” - Brian Ewert, Superintendent 

Summer 2022–Summer 2023

  • Supply chain issues and price increases as a result of these are impacting every bond project.
  • Construction of new elementary school on Ralph Moody campus to serve the East and Ralph Moody elementary communities
  • Completion of updates to Highland building to repurpose it as the district's early childhood education center
  • Centennial projects including redesign and relocation of main entry and main office; rennovations to interior hardware, including refurbishing restrooms; upgrades to main water system; update/replacement of electrical panels; upgrades to HVAC; and upgrades to lighting
  • ADA projects and upgrades to accessibility at Heritage High school (will likey extend into 2024)
  • LED lighting projects at Heritage High School
  • Upgrades to furniture and additional interior renovations at Littleton Academy
  • Addition of ADA-compliant hardware and renovation of all core and classroom restrooms at Hopkins
  • Turf and irrigation projects
  • ADA interior hardware renovations, renovations to all core restrooms and locker rooms, and LED lighting replacements at Powell

Example of new furniture in a classroom at Centennial

Summer 2021–Summer 2022

  • Construction of new elementary school to serve Highland and Franklin communities on the Franklin campus - projected grand opening fall 2022
  • Construction of Junior Stadium on Newton Middle School campus - projected grand opening late 2022 for spring 2023 sports
  • New furniture installed in remaining middle and high school classrooms
  • Additional kitchen improvements at selected schools
  • Turf and irrigation projects

Summer 2020–Summer 2021

  • Construction of new elementary school on Ames Campus - projected grand opening fall 2021
  • Construction of new middle school on Newton Middle School campus - projected grand opening fall 2021
  • Installation of new furniture, fixtures, and equipment for new Newton Middle School and new elementary school on the Ames campus
  • New furniture in remaining elementary school classrooms; already installed in Early Adopter classrooms
  • Additional kitchen improvements at selected schools
  • New playground equipment at Hopkins, Lenski, Peabody, and Sandburg elementary schools will be completed by fall 2020
  • Turf and irrigation projects
  • Concrete and asphalt projects scheduled for completion by winter 2020
  • Renovations and upgrades at Goddard Middle School, including upper parking lot, entrance, and elevator, are scheduled for completion by winter 2020

Goddard reconfigured upper parking lot

Spring 2019–Summer 2020

  • Design development of new elementary School on Ames campus, new middle school on Newton campus, and new elementary school on Franklin campus
  • Vacate and prepare Ames facility for demolition to make way for the construction of the new elementary school on the current Ames campus; begin abatement activities
  • Begin design for conversion of Highland Elementary to be an LPS early childhood education center
  • Complete one turf field each at Heritage and Arapahoe, and one turf field at each middle school
  • Installation of directional lighting at one field at each high school
  • New furniture for all elementary school cafeterias
  • New furniture in 30 "early adopter" classrooms throughout the district
  • Installation of new walk-in cooler and freezer units at Centennial, Wilder, and Euclid

New wing and parking lot at Highland

Turf fields with lights at Arapahoe (L) and Heritage (R)

February 2019–May 2019

  • Prepare Highland campus to serve The Village Preschool at Ames
  • Move professional development to other schools for the summer and to outside community spaces for the 2019-2020 school year
  • Conduct environmental survey on The Schomp Property, future home of the LPS CTE/Innovation Center
  • Request for qualifications for new furniture that facilitates student-centered learning
  • Begin design process of new elementary school to serve Highland and Franklin communities on the Franklin campus
  • Begin design process of new elementary school to serve the Ames community on the Ames campus
  • Begin design process of new middle school to serve Newton Middle School community on the Newton campus
  • Begin design process of new Junior Stadium on the Newton campus
  • South Suburban Parks and Recreation is in the design phase for a new pool and related amenities at the existing Franklin Pool site. Additional details will be available in summer 2019.

November 2018–January 2019

  • Take inventory of all functions of the Ames Campus. Plan for relocating programs currently housed in Ames
  • Select Architect and Engineering firms for:
    • The new middle school on the current Newton Middle School campus
    • The new LPS junior stadium on the current Newton Middle School campus
    • The new elementary school on the current Ames campus
    • The new elementary school on the current Franklin campus to serve the Highland and Franklin communities
  • Survey the Newton Middle School property
  • Survey the Ames property
  • Survey the Franklin property
  • Survey the Highland Elementary School property for conversion to a district early childhood education center
  • Receive proposal from architects for the design of 10 artificial turf fields
  • Survey fields at Heritage, Arapahoe, and Euclid

Official Groundbreaking June 13, 2019

2018 Bond groundbreaking at Ames June 13, 2019     2018 Bond groundbreaking at Ames June 13, 2019

Members of the LPS Board of Education “took a few swings” to help demolish the Ames Facility on June 13, 2019 to officially commemorate the beginning of the 2018 Bond Program. “This is a big day for LPS, Littleton and Centennial. This groundbreaking symbolizes the beginning of decades of continuous improvements in the infrastructure of LPS,” said LPS Board of Education President Jack Reutzel. 

Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee

The purpose of the Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) shall be to become familiar with the 2018 bond program and project list, monitor the progress of the improvements being made, and report the status of the program to the Board of Education on a quarterly basis.

CBOC Web Page

“We take our partnership with our community members very seriously. They expect a comprehensive education in a safe and caring environment. In return, we count on their support for various bond measures, and we are grateful for their decision to pass 4A. The age of our facilities is impacting the educational experience in our district and 4A will remedy this.”
Jack Reutzel, ​Former LPS Board of Education President 
(Mr. Reutzel was Board President when the 2018 bond was passed by voters)