Turf and Lights

LPS Bond 2018 LogoCurrently, our middle and high school grass practice fields are so overused, they can no longer be maintained for student safety. Thanks to the generous support of LPS voters, at least one grass field at each of our three neighborhood high schools and four neighborhood middle schools will be replaced with durable and safe turf practice/playing fields. One grass field at Heritage High School, Arapahoe High School and Euclid Middle School were replaced with turf during the summer of 2019. These fields were chosen to be replaced first because they are already located inside of a track and are easier to replace. Turf fields at Powell Middle School and Options at Whitman (shared with Littleton Soccer Association and funded by LSA and LPS's capital improvement budget) were completed in 2020, and additional turf field projects will be completed during 2021, like a soccer field at Littleton High School and a softball field for Heritage at Euclid MIddle School. The bond includes one lighted field at all district high schools as well as some Title IX updates to current fields.

Installing a Turf Field - Start to Finish

Turf Field at Littleton High School

A turf soccer field has been installed in the northwest portion of Brookridge Park north of LIttleton High School. The field is being has been utilized since September 2021.

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Turf and lights at Arapahoe

artificial turf and lights at AHS Aug. 2019

Photo taken August 2019

Turf and lights at Heritage

HHS turf field with lights Aug. 20, 2019

Photo taken Aug. 20, 2019.

Turf at Euclid

Turf at Powell

Turf at Goddard

November 2018 - January 2019

  • Survey fields at Heritage, Arapahoe, and Euclid
  • Receive proposal from architects for the design of 10 artificial turf fields

Summer 2019

  • Grass field to be replaced with artificial turf at Arapahoe High School
  • Grass field to be replaced with artificial turf at Euclid Middle School
  • Grass field to be replaced with artificial turf at Heritage High School

Summer 2020 & 2021

  • Additional turf fields to be completed