Newton Middle School

Thanks to the generous support of LPS voters, a new middle school has been constructed on the Newton campus. The new school will replace the failing structure of the old Newton Middle School and will solve ADA issues, as well as provide the appropriate space for small- and large-group instruction, creativity, and innovation. It will provide space for the LPS NOVA program, which serves students grades kindergarten through 12 with emotional disabilities, and it will include space for professional development for LPS teachers. The new Newton Middle School opened this fall for the 2021–2022 school year.

A new Junior Stadium will also be built on the Newton campus. It will provide additional playable surfaces for students in both district-sponsored junior varsity and varsity sports as well as club sports in the community. The Junior Stadium will be located where the old Newton Middle School currently sits. The old NMS is currently undergoing abatement prior to demolition.

New playing fields and parking will serve the school, the neighborhood, and the Junior Stadium. The new configuration will provide safer student drop-off and pick-up locations for parents and buses, although bus drop-off is going to be impacted for at least the start of the 2021–2022 school year by the demolition of the old Newton Middle School building.

Drone Flyover August 10, 2021

Interior Photos


(August 2022) Access to Newton Middle School will not be impeded by construction on the Junior Stadium. Some concrete and landscape warranty items are being taken care of before the start of school.

(March 2022) Extra athletic lockers are being added.

(January 2022) Traffic in the drop-off is being looked at and solutions are being considered.

(August 2021) The move from the old Newton Middle School building is complete. The secure vestibule at the main entrance is complete. There are a few items to be corrected in the landscaping, and skate stops are being added to some landscape features. Furniture inside the building is complete. The building is ready for students!

(June 2021) Punch walks are currently underway, and corrections are in progress. New furniture is being installed. Secure vestibule is anticipated to be done by the start of school, as are most of the items on the grounds, with the exception of the turf field. The turf field is tentatively going to be available for scheduling in September.

(May 12, 2021) Colorado's wet spring weather has impacted site work on the exterior of the new Newton Middle School; however, work continues. Window shade installation is in progress, and site concrete will continue when the weather allows. The NOVA playground space is being installed. Landscape boulder installation is ongoing. Installation of the greenhouse is in progress. On the inside of the new school, interior punch walks are scheduled to be completed soon! Weekly site walks are occurring with Newton Middle School staff through the end of the school year.

Architect's Fly-Through of the New Newton Middle School

Preliminary Drawings for the New Newton Middle School

Newton drawings, entry November 2019 
Preliminary drawing - main entrance

 Newton drawings, cafetorium November 2019 
Preliminary drawing - cafetorium


Preliminary drawing - east courtyard

Newton drawings, flex space November 2019
Preliminary drawing - flex space

Newton drawings, typical classroom pod November 2019

November 2018 - January 2019

  • Select architect and engineering firms for the new middle school on the current Newton Middle School campus 
  • Survey the Newton Middle School property

Spring 2019 - Summer 2020

  • Design development of new middle school on Newton Middle School campus
  • Conduct environmental surveys

Spring 2020 - August 2021

Construction of new middle school on Newton Middle School campus

Aerial photograph of Newton Middle School

Aerial photograph of Newton Middle School campus

Grand Opening:  Fall of 2021!