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Pull Quote - "Wonderful leaders, fabulous colleagues and supportive families. - Elementary Teacher"


In Littleton Public Schools (LPS), we proudly stand out from the crowd, and we're inviting you to be a part of this vibrant and unique educational community. Here, the conventional one-size-fits-all approach is a thing of the past. We offer a rich tapestry of choices, from our top-tier PreK–12 programs to innovative charter schools and nurturing alternative education environments. You'll find a place that resonates with your heart, a space where your professional aspirations can thrive in harmony with your personal well-being.

Trust is the cornerstone of our relationship with our staff and community. We do the big things well. We have an incredibly supportive community, exceptional generosity from our taxpayers, world-class education, competitive extracurriculars and an unmatched dedication to districtwide mental health support for students and staff. 

Those things matter a great deal. We also understand how important it is to feel a personal connection to your work. In LPS, everyone is a professional. Everyone is respected, accepted, and celebrated for their accomplishments. 

Once people are here, they stay. Our track record for longevity is perhaps the best in the Denver metro area. Our graduates come back here to work. That’s because LPS is family. Our Board of Education leaves personal politics at the door and focuses on what is best for students and staff. There is a high priority for increasing compensation for all employees, shown by the 14 percent pay increase for classified employees in the past two years and the 18 percent pay increase for teachers in the past two years. 

We offer benefits for all employees who work 20 hours a week or more. We offer two different health benefit providers because we know that healthcare is not “one size fits all.” We respect our employees’ desire to choose.

Through our aspiring administrators program, teachers can learn how to take that next step into administration. We value the opportunity to grow our own.

Here you will find family, your home away from home. 


Pull Quote: "If a person was looking to be part of a team that works and grows together while forming close relationships, LPS would be a great place to be. I applied to work in LPS due to the small size of the district knowing that the possibilities to collaborate and get to know different staff members would be a benefit to feeling included in supporting all students. - Special Education Teacher"

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