Security and Emergency Planning

Overview of LPS Security

Dispatch Center
The LPS Dispatch Center serves as the after-hours point of contact for the entire district. 

The Littleton Public Schools Security Department monitors and maintains the districts Unified Security System. This includes the access control, video management systems, audio surveillance, duress, and mass notification systems.  All of the schools’ systems comprise a seamless, districtwide networked security management system that is monitored twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week by District Security Officers (DSO) at the district’s Education Services Center (ESC) security office. 

In addition to monitoring the security system, the District Security Department also monitors the Fire and HVAC controls for the entire district. The District Security Officers assist and communicate with appropriate parties.

LPS Security's goal is to respond efficiently to all types of emergencies. A patrol is available 24/7. District Security Officers patrol and check the grounds for suspicious activities and safety concerns. District Security Officers also work very closely with law enforcement in school-related responses. The patrol team also has the ability to monitor the entire district security system from any remote location. This capability is invaluable in large school-based and/or community emergencies.

Emergency Planning

  • All schools have Incident Command Teams that are prepared to deal with all hazards responses to emergencies.

  • All LPS schools have partnered with Red Cross and are certified members of the Ready Rating program.

  • All LPS Schools are equipped with automated external defibrillators. Each school has CPR, First Aid, and AED trained staff members assigned to the Incident Command Teams.

  • District Emergency Operations Center is established and equipped with dedicated phone lines, IP and other cyber emergency tools.

  • The LPS Security System also has many Emergency Planning related response capabilities.

  • LPS mandates that all school Incident Command Teams conduct at least two annual tabletop emergency response simulations.

  • District Safe Schools Committee is in place and meets monthly (members include law enforcement and fire department representatives).

  • All District Security Employees are CERT trained.

  • All District Security Employees are Red Cross Universal Protocol Trainers.

  • All District Security Staff are Crisis Intervention trained.

  • LPS has full radio communication interoperability with all area first responders.

  • Continue to meet with emergency responders.

  • School-level emergency response plans will be revised/updated when necessary to be consistent with the National Incident Command System and the Red Cross Ready Rating Program.

  • LPS allows law enforcement to train regularly in LPS schools preparing for emergencies.

  • Emergency Procedures Handbook has been printed in an easy-to-read, flip chart format and distributed to each classroom. 

  • The Arapahoe County Sheriff, Littleton Fire Department, Littleton Police Department, Red Cross, Tri-County Health and other emergency responders have been given the district’s "Emergency Management Plan" and complete virtual floor plans of all district buildings. Plans are updated every semester. 

  • LPS has signed mutual agreements with other emergency response partners.

  • Security and emergency planning improvements are budgeted for annually.

  • Identified, numbered, and cataloged all windows, doors, and maintenance areas allowing ingress/egress to facilities district-wide.

  • LPS will continue to update, evolve, and improve as needed.

Contact Us

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CALL: 303-347-3420
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Director of Security & Emergency Planning
Bob Spinuzza

Assistant Director of Security & Emergency Planning
Cory Weis

Security Office Facilitator
Leah Raymond

Security Operations

Safety and Security are the highest priorities in our schools

Please know that the safety of the students in our care is of the utmost importance. While it is impossible to guarantee that dangerous situations will never happen in and around our schools, we take far-reaching preventive measures. 

The most important thing we can do is be aware of who is in and around our schools.

  1. It has been standard practice to require visitors to check in at the main office and receive a visitor’s badge. We are asking all school personnel to make sure this is a priority.
  2. We stress to employees the importance of stopping individuals they do not know. Students, especially older ones, are asked to report any unidentified individuals to a teacher or other school official right away.
  3. We are also taking extra care to keep non-essential doors locked.  All doors are monitored for open-close status. Our high schools have multiple entrances, but we are restricting access at each high school.
  4. You as parents and neighbors of our schools can be very helpful by being aware of what is going on in and around the building and reporting unusual activity.
  5. Local law enforcement and district security officials are increasing their presence around our schools.

Littleton Public Schools has placed a priority on safety and security measures for many years.

  1. Our district security system is currently one of the most advanced systems used in any school district in the nation.  The Security Department utilizes the   Partner Alliance for Safer Schools Tiered recommendations in its security deployments  
  2. We work closely with local law enforcement through the preparation of and drilling for various emergency responses and through our school resource officers to help keep our schools safe learning environments for our students.

It cannot be stressed enough how seriously we take these issues. We are parents, as well, and we hope this information assures you that not only do we share your concerns, but that we are looking for ways to tighten the sound security measures we already have in place. Please contact us if you have questions or concerns.



Littleton Public Schools is consistently ranked as one of the best school districts in the country by Security Magazine for safety and security protocols.