Special Education/Section 504

LPS places a high value on supporting every student to meet their learning potential. Students with disabilities, preschool through age 21, receive support in all district schools. A priority is to include every student in general education while recognizing and meeting individual needs through special education resources.

LPS Child Find Team provides free developmental screenings for children ages 2 years 10 months to 5 who show delays in development that could interfere with their education and learning. Families must live within the District boundaries to access these services.

All LPS schools provide identification services to determine a student’s eligibility for special education services. If you are concerned about your child, please contact your school directly.

Each school site has a Learning Support Services team of professionals that can vary according to the needs of students in the building. Additionally, the District has a variety of center-based programs designed to provide more intensive support.

Student Support Services

Carla Burnell
Director of Student Support Services
Jennifer Templeton
Coordinator, Student Support Services
Nicoel Augustino
Coordinator, Elementary Special Education
Michaele Pansza
Coordinator, Elementary Special Education
Courtney Berry
Coordinator, Middle School Special Education
Sara Nellis
Coordinator, High School/Transition Special Education

Section 504

Section 504 is a Federal law that prohibits disability discrimination by recipients of Federal financial assistance. 

All public schools and school districts, as well as all public charter schools, that receive Federal financial assistance from the Department must comply with Section 504. 


Student Evaluations and Placement Under Section 504 

Under Section 504, school districts must conduct an evaluation in a timely manner of any student who needs or is believed to need special education or related services because of a disability. When a school is aware of a student’s disability, or has reason to suspect a student has a disability, and the student needs or is believed to need special education or related services, it would be a violation of Section 504 if the school delays or denies the evaluation. In some circumstances, the IDEA evaluation process may provide the school district with the necessary information, required by Section 504, to determine whether a student has a disability, and whether that student needs related aids and services or supplementary aids and services in the general education environment because of that disability. However, if needed, additional evaluation may be required. 

 Contact the 504 Coordinator at your school with questions.

District Section 504 Policies

AC- Non-discrimination/Equal Opportunity
AC-E-1 Non-discrimination/Equal Opportunity

Child Find

The Littleton Public Schools Child Find Team offers FREE developmental screenings for children ages 2 years 10 months to 5 who show delays in development that could interfere with their education and learning. The team consists of an occupational therapist, speech/language pathologist, and a school psychologist. The screening provides general information about a child's current speech/language, motor, social, and pre-academic skills. This process takes approximately one hour.

Following the screening, parents will receive feedback from the Child Find Team. If screening results indicate possible delays in development, the Child Find Team will recommend further assessment. Screenings are not an assessment for Kindergarten readiness.

Parents who have concerns about their child's development should call 303-347-6980 for an appointment.

Screenings are held at:

LPS Support Services at Twain
6901 S. Franklin Street
Centennial, CO 80122

303-347-4995 Fax

If your child is newborn through the age of 2 yrs 9 months old please reach out to EI Colorado for assistance.