In 2011, the Littleton Public Schools Board of Education adopted the Colorado Academic Standards (CAS). These standards are delineated at each grade level and are used as the district curriculum. Please use the links below for specifics by grade level and subject area.

Portrait of an LPS Graduate

Portrait of an LPS Graduate

Colorado Academic Standards 2020


Colorado Essential Skills:


2018 Colorado Essential Skills (these are incorporated into the 2020 Colorado Academic Standards, which are the current standards as of 5/22)

May 2021 revised Essential Skills will be incorporated into revised content standards beginning in 2022

Littleton Public Schools offers districtwide curriculum for each subject area and each grade level. The Department of Learning Services oversees the development and maintenance of all curricular areas. District curriculum guides are used by teachers to plan instruction. Curriculum highlights provide an overview of district curriculum by subject for kindergarten through eighth grade.

If you have questions, please contact the Director of Innovation, Equity and Learning, Mary Shay, at 303-347-3411 or at mshay[at][dot]us.

LPS Annual Report

The District Improvement Plan sets a high bar for increased student achievement.