Foreign Exchange Program

Littleton Public Schools recognizes the educational and cultural value of international exchange programs and foreign exchange students and authorizes the admission of a limited number of non-immigrant foreign exchange students to the education programs offered in the district’s schools in accordance with this policy and accompanying regulation. The district reserves the right to deny admission to any student, in accordance with applicable law.

Littleton Public Schools is proud to host foreign exchange students at our high schools. Students who are placed in our high schools are exposed to the same experiences as our traditional students. They enroll in the same rigorous courses, participate in athletics and co-curricular activities, and they join pep rallies, dances and other school events.

The student's family and exchange representative make arrangements for a qualified host family living in the area to host the student for one school year.  Once the arrangements have been made, the organization's area representative will contact the Littleton Public Schools District Registrar and send the required student and host family information for review. This information must be complete and received no later than June 1st for consideration.


Academic Requirements

No foreign exchange student will be admitted who has already graduated from the equivalent of the twelfth grade or who will reach the age of 18 years and six months before the program’s start date.

The student must have average or above-average grades in school.

Because it is difficult to determine the foreign exchange student’s educational program prior to attending school in the district, these students shall not be considered candidates for high school diplomas from the district. However, these students may be awarded a certificate of completion.

In order for the exchange experience to be successful, students must be proficient in the use of the English language. Proof of such proficiency must be provided. English as a Second Language services will not be available to foreign exchange students.


General Requirements

Foreign exchange students are responsible for complying with all district policies and regulations.

Foreign exchange students are expected to pay for meals, books, athletic and student activity fees, yearbook costs, and all other fees and expenses normally borne by students in the district, unless the student is considered indigent and/or determined eligible for free or reduced-price meals.

The eligibility requirements of the Colorado High School Activities Association shall be followed.

The sponsor, host family and local program representative must maintain personal contact with the school, must be available and willing to meet with school personnel when problems or circumstances require and must assume full and final responsibility for resolving problems including the early return of the student if personal, family or school difficulties cannot be resolved. The organization must also have a local representative in the Denver metro area.

Foreign exchange students whose grades, attendance, conduct or discipline are deemed unsatisfactory by the school may be asked to leave the district.


Admissions Process

The number of foreign exchange students accepted will be collaboratively determined annually by the building administration and the appropriate instructional services administrator.

Foreign exchange students will only be accepted at the beginning of the school year, and the district will not accept transfer students during the year from other school districts.

All applications will be screened by the superintendent or designee before they are forwarded for review and approval of the principal of the school where admission is being requested.

All placements must be approved in advance by the building principal before spaces will be reserved. The foreign exchange student and the host family will be identified and students will attend schools where children of the host family attend. If the host family has no school-age children, students will attend the school in the attendance area of the host family unless an appropriate transfer is approved by the district. Students living with more than one host family will attend the school where they begin the school year. Students who move to a host family living outside district boundaries during the course of the school year may complete the school year in the district high school they are currently attending.

Upon the student's arrival in the district, the adult sponsor (host family and/or local representative of the exchange program) and student must come to the school to complete the enrollment process. Students must arrive in sufficient time for attendance on the first day of school.

In addition to the district’s general admission requirements, foreign exchange students requesting admission must submit:

  1. Birth certificate or other proof of age.
  2. Recent official transcript with English translation reflecting courses taken and grades earned.
  3. Records showing required immunizations.
  4. A letter of application written in English that provides pertinent information. 
  5. The names, addresses and phone numbers of the foreign exchange student's own parents/guardians, the host family and the local exchange program representative.
  6. A current notarized temporary custody agreement between the student's parents/guardians and the host family and/or exchange program.

LIttleton Public Schools has two pathways available for International students to attend high school.

Exchange Agency or J-1 Students

Students, who want to attend a LPS high school and who have no connections with anyone in the community, may apply to attend a LPS school through an approved exchange agency.  To protect the interests of the district, its schools and students, only foreign exchange students from an exchange program designated by the United States Department of State will be considered. Foreign exchange students admitted as part of an approved program are considered wards of the families with whom they reside.

  • Potential students must complete all agency paperwork, pay all agency fees, and receive their J-1 Visa through the agency. Students should not contact the schools or district.
  • Agency representatives are responsible for finding potential host families in the district and submitting the student application for approval. All applications are submitted to the District Registrar office.
  • Students are accepted on a competitive basis for limited spots within the schools.
          1."Picking" a student through an exchange agency does not guarantee acceptance to the district and should not be implied by the agency representative.
          2. J-1 Students can be accepted for one full academic year.
  • Prior to a J-1 student being enrolled at an LPS high school, the agency/student must be approved by the building principal to attend school for the academic year in which they are applying.
  • Schools for J-1 students will be assigned according to the residence of the host family.
  • Foreign students on a J-1 visa are not required by law to pay tuition.

Privately Sponsored or F-1 Students

This option is for students who want to attend a LPS school while staying with a relative or family friend.  Students should apply directly with the LPS District Registrar's Office.

Pursuant to federal law, only high school students are eligible for F-1 visas. A student may receive F-1 status for no more than 12 months in a public school system. The student must have reimbursed the school district in advance for the full, unsubsidized cost of educating the student. Should a student not be able to obtain a visa or not attend for some other reason, the tuition will be refunded in full. Should a student attend for less than a full school year, tuition will only be refunded if a true hardship situation is demonstrated.


  • All documents must be complete and submitted by June 1st. Forms include:

1. Student profile
2. Power of Attorney (Signed and Notarized/Certified by Student's family AND by host family)
3. Certificate of Minor Child Residence (notarized/certified by both the student's family AND by the host family)
4. Evidence of current Colorado immunization requirements as listed on the Colorado Department of Health Certificate of Immunization
5. Proof of English Language skills as measured by the TOEFL, MTELP, SLEP, ELTiS, or sufficient evidence as provided by student's current school
6. Current academic transcript

  • Tuition must be paid in full by the posted deadlines.
  • Students are responsible for additional SEVIS fees while setting up a VISA interview.
  • Students must not have reached 19 years of age by first day of attendance in Littleton Public Schools system and must not have graduated from the 12th grade of any school or be in receipt of a document evidencing completion of the equivalent of a secondary curriculum.
  • Prior to a F-1 student being enrolled at an LPS high school, the student must be approved by the building principal to attend school for the academic year in which they are applying.
  • Schools for F-1 students will be assigned according to the residence of the host family.

After documents are approved and tuition payment has been posted, the I-20 will be issued by the LPS District Registrar's office. The I-20 for the F-1 program is issued for one year and may not be renewed.

All foreign exchange students will attend the neighborhood high school for one school year and then return to his/her home country. The student will not graduate or receive a diploma from any of the high schools within Littleton Public Schools. Per U.S. Federal Law, public schools can only accept high school age students.