1:1 Initiative

LPS Students to Receive Their Own Chromebooks This Fall

Littleton Public Schools continues to set the pace when it comes to technology for students. Again for the 2021-2022 school year, students at LPS schools will be able, with their parent/guardian’s permission, to check out a Chromebook that stays with them throughout the school year for their use at school and at home.

Schools use more and more digital textbooks and resources, which means that it’s becoming increasingly important for students to be able to access online curriculum and projects anytime, anywhere and not just in the classroom. Many Colorado students are also required to take state assessments electronically, so it makes sense to leverage that investment. Greater access means that students will develop even stronger technology skills that are important in the workforce. Look for more information from your school about this exciting initiative!

Home Internet Access Options

Yes, there are currently two options for low-cost internet for families who qualify:

Comcast Internet Essentials - http://www.internetessentials.com



Login to Student Google Account

Each LPS student 4-12 has a Google account with an email address. To access their account follow the directions on this document below.

Students in grades K-3 have access to a google account without an email address. You can access their account using the same document.


Frequently  Asked Questions
Preguntas frecuentes
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Responsible Use Policy
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District Policies  Code of Conduct

Student Web Filter

What about content filtering (web filtering)?
The Chromebooks have the same content filtering at home (or the library) as they do at school. Just like at school, where our teachers are actively working with students and physically monitoring what students are doing with their technology, we need parents to be involved with their student's online behaviors. No filter is 100% accurate, nor a replacement for adult supervision. For questions on how this works, please contact helpdesk[at]lps.k12.co[dot]us

On another note, if your student uses his/her LPS-issued account to sign in to a Chrome browser on a home computer, the content filtering will be applied to that browser. If you want your middle school student to have that filtered experience, just leave the student account logged in. If you do NOT want the browser filtered, then simply have the student log out of the Chrome browser of your home computers, done through the settings button. 
Note that all LPS-issued Chromebooks will always have the content filter applied, as the device is always logged in. LPS has excellent cyber safety resources HERE.