Transportation Services

Our goal is to provide a SAFE and FUN ride for our students. We appreciate your support by ensuring your student(s) understand the expectations for riding a school bus. 

  • All students must follow all Behavior Guidelines which can be found on the School Bus Safety page. 
  • We cannot transport large items that cannot be secured to the bus such as; oversized objects that cannot be secured or held in the student's lap without blocking the aisle or going above the seat back (this includes band instruments, large classroom crafts/projects, and athletic equipment). No skateboards or scooters. 
  • If your student has been injured and requires a scooter or crutches, please contact our office so we can make alternate plans to support your student's needs and ensure safety for all riders. 
  • Parents are not permitted to enter the school bus without prior permission from the Director of Transportation or school administration. This ensures safety for all students. 
  • Please remind your students about the importance of riding as if they were in a classroom and to minimize causing distractions for the driver. Distractions endanger the safety of others. 
  • Students that are ill and have a fever should not ride the school bus. 

Littleton Public Schools Transportation is proud to be part of the largest and safest form of mass transit in the United States. Over half of the 50 million students who attend school in the United States get to and from school in one of almost half a million yellow school buses. According to the American School Bus Council, "Students are about 70 times more likely to get to school safely if they take the school bus instead of traveling by car."

The district operates over 85 buses to transport over 5,500 students and traveling more than 4,000 miles each day. District buses transport students to and from school, extracurricular events, and sporting events, including after hours and on weekends. 

Transporting our students each and every day safely and on time so they are ready to learn is our absolute priority. We want every student's bus ride to be a positive and memorable experience. 

Space Available Application Process

There are a limited number of seats available on existing buses/routes for open-enrolled students. Please be mindful that Space Available requests are based on ridership and therefore approval is not guaranteed. LPS Transportation uses a "Space Available" application process to fill those existing open seats on a first come, first served basis. Should assigned ridership increase during the school year, "space available" rider parents will be given notice of the change and will be given five school days to find an alternative way to get to school.

"Space Available" applications can be submitted for the 2023–2024 school year beginning on July 1, 2023. "Space available" seat assignments may be made prior to the start of the school year, but typically, most assignments will happen after the actual ridership counts have been collected over the first three to four weeks of school. To apply for an available seat, you must complete a Space Available application form / Solicitud de Espacio Disponible de Transporte (submit online or print it and return it to Transportation Services). Applications will be processed on a first-received basis.



As part of a Safe Routes To Schools Grant through the Regional Council of Governments, LPS has partnered with Schoolpool. Schoolpool is a free service that connects families to drive, walk or bike to school together. Schoolpool uses a secure mapping tool to identify the best matches based on home locations. Schoolpool strives to maintain the highest level of privacy and security, so every school has a unique registration link. 

Schoolpool is an independent service that some other districts are using to help parents coordinate ride sharing. It is not affiliated with, funded by, nor vetted by LPS. As a service to parents, LPS has chosen to provide a link for parents to connect with each other via Schoolpool through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal, which provides a level of security.

How does Schoolpool work?
Parents provide information such as family’s name, grade, home intersection and email address. Families are only matched with families at the same school unless they choose to be matched with other schools nearby. Parents may add comments to their profile, identifying such things as “I can do the morning driving” or “Interested in finding a walking buddy.” Parents view a customized map identifying who lives nearby. Parents contact one another to make their arrangements. There is no obligation for parents to participate.

Littleton Public Schools does not assume responsibility and liability. Littleton Public Schools does not run background checks, confirm valid drivers' licenses or assess insurance coverage on participants. Schoolpool does not assume responsibility and liability, does not run background checks, confirm valid drivers' licenses or assess insurance coverage on participants.

Users are advised to screen participants to their personal satisfaction and check their own insurance coverage for carpooling to assure they are covered under voluntary arrangements. No drivers, vehicles or insurance are provided.



(Call for: Where's My Bus?, Child Not Riding (SPED))

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To find your student's bus information, log in to your Infinite Campus Parent Portal and click on the "Transportation" tab. If you would like to know which schools are in your residence area, please use our School Boundary/Bus Route Locator Tool.