Little Raven Elementary

Thank you, Littleton Public Schools voters! Through your support of a $298M bond and the district's receipt of premium bond dollars, LPS is able to build a third elementary school as part of the 2018 bond program. During a special meeting Tuesday, March 30, 2021, the Board of Education took action on the location for this new elementary school for the combined East and Ralph Moody Elementary communities. In a 5-0 vote, the Board chose the Ralph Moody campus as the site of the new school. The Long Range Planning Committee, which had been charged by the Board toe vet and validate administration's recommendation to build on the Ralph Moody campus, agreed with administration's recommendation after taking into consideration all of the data collected over the past three years related to facilities and boundaries as well as parent, staff, and community feedback.

The Board of Education named the new school at their meeting on December 9, 2021. Little Raven Elementary School will provide the appropriate space for small and large group instruction, creativity, and innovation. It will include new playgrounds, playing fields, and parking to serve the neighborhood. The new elementary school on the Ralph Moody campus is scheduled to open in the fall of 2023 for the 2023–2024 school year.

Drone Flyover May 5, 2022


(June 2022) Concrete flatwork and utility work is ongoing. Abatement is underway and making good progress, and demolition of the northeast wing is scheduled to begin this month. Masonry is scheduled to begin towards the end of this month. Work with the City of Littleton on installation of a new traffic light is underway.

(April 2022) The contractor has mobilized on site and is working on grading and foundations on the east side of the property. Coordination of the move from the old Moody building to Twain for the 2022–2023 school year is underway.

(March 2022) Groundbreaking ceremony is being planned. Final pricing is being negotiated, but pricing is higher than anticipated due to supply chain issues and cost escalations. Contractor is on site and mobilization is underway. Coordination on moving to the Twain building is ongoing, and moving is anticipated to happen in late May after the end of the school year.

(February 2022) Bidding phase is underway to arrive at a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). At this point, playgrounds may be delayed due to abatement work; however, the parking lot and building will be ready for the start of school in August 2023. Site coordination is underway between bond managers and school administration to potentialy mobilize the site by the end of February.

(November 2021) Site mobilization is anticipated in late February. Parking lot and building are scheduled to open in August 2023, but there may be some delays to playground equipment. The plan for moving Moody students and programs into the Twain building for the next school year is underway.

(November 2021) Design is progressing, and early pricing packages are currently being bid. Early procurement for construction materials has started.

(Fall 2021) The new elementary school on the Ralph Moody campus is in the very early phases of design. More information will be communicated as the project progresses.

Conceptual Drawing of Little Raven Elementary School

This is a conceptual plan that was presented to the Board of Education as a possibility for where the new elementary school could be located on the Ralph Moody campus. It is not the final design.