Parent's Rights

Opt In/Opt Out

Opt-In, Opt-Out and Exemption Procedures:

Littleton Public Schools has developed opt-in, opt-out, and exemption procedures for a variety of situations to accommodate parents' rights to be involved in the education of their children. Parents can expect the use of consistent standards in all district schools for opting in, opting out, or requesting an exemption from certain programs, events, or activities identified in the referenced policies.

Students will not intentionally be made to feel different, nor will parents, choosing to exercise their right to opt in, opt out, or request exemption, be criticized for their decision. Littleton Public Schools places high value on maintaining strong partnerships with parents in monitoring the use of potentially controversial instructional materials in the classrooms.

Primary instructional materials require approval by the Board of Education before classroom use. Students may be asked to read a fiction or non-fiction book from the Narrative and Informational Supplementary Instructional Resource List. All titles on this list are approved by the Board of Education.


"Opt in" means the school/district must get express written permission from a parent for a student to participate in a program, event or activity.

"Opt out" means the school/district may assume parent consent if the parent does not utilize the opt out procedure after notice is given of a program, event or activity.

"Exemption" means a parent must submit a request to exclude a student from participation in a program, event or activity.

Please review the Board policies listed below for information and specific procedures. 

Specific Policy Information

Policy JLDAC, Screening/Testing of Students (Treatment of Mental Disorder). An opt-in process is mandated in state law for student participation in a survey, assessment, analysis, or evaluation intended to reveal specific protected information. Parents may use the opt-out procedures for other types of voluntary surveys as stated in the policy.

Policies IHAM, IHAM-R, Health Education and Family Life/Sex Education; IMBB, Exemptions from Required Instruction. Parents must present a written request for exemption from health, family life, and sex education segments of the curriculum as described in the policy, IHAM. Specific exemption instructions are found in IHAM-R. Policy IMBB provides an overview of the exemption process for school content or activities that are contrary to personal beliefs. All exemption requests must be in writing.

Policy IMB, Teaching About Controversial Issues and Use of Controversial Materials. The policy defines what constitutes a controversial issue or material and describes when and how these should be used in the classroom, noting that teachers will obtain approval from the school principal before using controversial materials. It further states that teachers will contact the principal if there are questions regarding whether an issue or resource is controversial as described in the policy. The principal may ask the teacher to notify parents about upcoming class discussions and use of certain materials and obtain parents' permission (i.e. opt in) prior to such discussion. Alternative learning activities can be provided when feasible and upon request, when controversial issues or materials are used as part of the instruction program. If disagreements arise concerning controversial issues or materials, Board Policies KEC, Public Concerns/Complaints About Instructional Resources, and KEF, Public Concerns/Complaints About Teaching Methods, Activities, or Presentations may be used to appeal school decisions.


An Explanation of Procedural Safeguards Available to Parents of Children with Disabilities 
Under Provisions of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and the Rules for the Administration of the Exceptional Children's Educational Act (ECEA)

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Procedural Safeguards Notice

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Library Opt Outs

Parents may request a note to be added to a student’s account with guidelines on what materials, genres, levels that student is permitted to check out. Notes can be added by the school-level librarian/coordinator or the District Library Services Specialist. Anyone checking out a book to that student will see that note in the student’s account.

Additionally, parents can opt their student(s) out of public library partnerships when registering/enrolling each school year. For more information, please visit the Innovative Technology Support and Services web page.