Safe In-Person Plan

COVID Loose Tight Guidance - Spring 2024

Instructional Framework

All educators will continue to use Google Classroom as the framework for instruction; students will need to access Google Classroom if they are absent,  in quarantine, etc. Google classroom also provides avenues for collaboration among specialists and general education teachers as well.   

Instructional Cohorts

Cohorting of students is no longer required.

Health Screening

All staff should monitor for symptoms. Follow the How Sick is Too Sick Guidelines.

Testing Positive for COVID

Effective immediately, the following COVID-19 exclusion criteria applies to both students and staff in schools and childcares:

  • Stay home until your symptoms improve and you have been fever free without the use of fever reducing medication for 24 hours.
  • Additional precautions are recommended for the next five days, such as increased hygiene, physical distancing, and consider wearing a mask.
  • People most at risk for severe illness, including those older than 65 years and people with weakened immune systems may want to consider additional precautions.


Mask wearing is optional for all staff, students, parents, and community members.  


There are no distancing requirements necessary.  


All schools will continue to reinforce good hand hygiene.


Quarantines are not necessary, regardless of vaccination status. Individuals who have been exposed to COVID should monitor for symptoms.  


Routine cleaning procedures are in effect in our schools.

Visitors to buildings

Parents, volunteers, and other visitors (including enrichment providers) are welcome in our schools.   

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