Junior Stadium

LPS Bond 2018 LogoThe number of sports and activities for boys and girls, both school sponsored and in the community, has outgrown the district’s capacity and puts LPS at risk of being in violation of Title IX laws. The LPS Stadium is currently shared by all three high schools and is used by Littleton High School for PE class and band. In addition, numerous youth sports leagues in the community use the LPS Stadium. The constant, year-round wear and tear of the track and field at the LPS Stadium makes it nearly impossible to maintain for student safety.

A new junior stadium on the Newton campus would provide an additional lighted field and track with spectator seating for both school and community sports teams to use.

Preliminary Drawings for new LPS Junior Stadium

Preliminary drawings for the new LPS Junior Stadium, which will be built on the Newton Middle School campus. Click on the image for a larger view. 


(January 13, 2021) An abatement plan for the existing Newton Middle School, which sits where the Junior Stadium will be built, is being finalized. Invitation to bid for general contractors (GC) on the Junior Stadium project will be released in February and a GC should be selected by March 2021.

Spring 2019 - Summer 2020

  • Design process of new Junior Stadium on Newton campus


  • Construction of Junior Stadium on Newton Middle School campus

Aerial photograph of Newton Middle School campus

Projected Grand Opening: 2022