Career Exploration Center (CEC)

Thanks to the generous support of LPS voters, work is underway on the new Career Exploration Center (CEC) on the southeast corner of Broadway and Littleton Boulevard. The CEC will provide dynamic, interactive, and innovative programming in several career paths:

  • Aerospace
  • Business and entrepreneurship
  • Computer science
  • Construction trades
  • Healthcare
  • Natural resources

More career pathways will be added in the future. Opportunities for concurrent enrollment and dual high school credit are being explored, as are partnerships with Arapahoe Community College and local industries.

The Career Exploration Center is scheduled to open for students in the fall of 2023.

CEC Groundbreaking

Learn more about this event in the LPS Newsroom!


(January 2022) There are budget increases in this project driven by the escalation in the cost of labor and aditional structural requirements, but the design team is hoping to value engineer some items to bring the budget back down closer to estimated amount. Meetings for the career pathways are scheduled through early February to ensure the design team fully understands the needs of each pathway. Design advisory groups for furniture, fixtures, and equipment are scheduled to begin in February.

(December 2021) All pathway leads have been hired; coordination meetings are ongoing to specify required equipment. A new name will be proposed to the Board of Education in January. Furniture, fixtures, and equipment design advisory group is scheduled to begin meeting in January. Kickoff meetings with the fire department and the state. Community engagement sessions with the City of Littleton are ongoing. Walking the site with an industrial hygienist this week to see whether abatement will be required.

(November 2021) Contractor has provided workbooks for pathway leads to start specifying equipment desired for the educational spaces in each of the identified career pathways. Site investigations are ongoing.

(June 2021) Exterior plans are being reviewd. Design is ongoing, as well as a review of the interior of the building now that it has been vacated by the car dealership who has leased it from LPS for the past couple of years. Planning continues for what career pathways/programs will be offered.

(January 27, 2021) Visioning sessions are ongoing to establish a vision statement for the Career Exploration Center (previously known as the Career and Technical Education and Innovation Center). Design advisory groups will begin meeting soon.

Conceptual Flyover

Take a look at what the Career Exploration center could look like. This is a conceptual rendering and doesn't reflect the actual design, which is not finished.

Conceptual Renderings

Please note: all of these are draft conceptual drawings/renderings and may not reflect the final, finished Career Exploration Center facility. Click images to expand.