Staff Pages

Teaching Staff

Unified Arts (Teach electives and/or classes across all grade levels):

PE- Becker, Michelle
SS/LA 6th and 7th,- Braun, Scott

Math, 6th, 7th and 8th - DuPen, Christy (Gelhausen)
Strings- Eilert, David
Speech/Drama- Enley, Mindy
PE- Folk, Brad 
STEAM, Computer Coach- Gaston, Diane 
G/T, Instructional Coach- Hamill, Lauri 
Yearbook, Digital Media- Manculich, Yvette 
Art- Masek, Karen 
Woods/Tech- Meersman, Don 
Computers- Muldoon, David 
Spanish- Phillips, Rachel
Family & Consumer Science- Sheets, LeeAnne 
Choir- Stephens, Elizabeth
Band- Watkins, Marie
Spanish- Zastrow, Yantze 

Support Staff


Chavers, Lawrence (Assistant Principal)
Henry, Allison (Dean of Students)
Nath, Brandy (Assistant Principal)
Wolf, Steve (Principal)

Mental Health Team:

Christensen, Lynn (6th Grade Counselor)
Davies, Dawn (8th Grade Counselor)
D'Orazio, Cassie (School Psychologist)
Hecomovich, Jill (Registrar, Counseling Office Secretary)

Orrange, Courtney (7th Grade Counselor)
Ritchie, Tiffany (School Psychologist)

Special Education Support Staff:

Alles, Connor (LSS Parapro)
Bond, Steve (LSS Parapro)
D'Orazio, Cassie (School Psychologist)
Dumont-Ward, Dolores (LSS Parapro)
Fox, Rosemary (LSS Parapro)

Freedman, Candace (Resource Parapro)
Kasaini, Mable (Resource Parapro)
Kauffman, Heather (LSS Parapro)
Ritchie, Tiffany (School Psychologist)
White, Melissa (LSS Parapro)
Wolf, Tawnnya (Resource Parapro)

Support Staff:

Bell, Stephanie (Office Manager, Secretary to Mr. Wolf)
Bunten, Krista (LPD Officer/SRO)
Chavero-Diaz, Miguel (Custodian)
Curic, Zijada (Food Services)
Durbin, JoDee (Attendance, Secretary to Mr. Chavers)
Hasiak, Nathan (Custodial Maintenance)
Hecomovich, Jill (Registrar, Counseling Office Secretary)
Keough, Joyce (Food Services)
Lesan, Nancy (Bookkeeper, Secretary to Ms. Nath)
Pashaliyska, Mariya (Custodian)
Schelhaas, Ben (Custodian)
Sosa, Katie (Food Services)
Stephens, Mary (Media Coordinator)
Villalpando, Olga (Custodian)
Welch, Mikayla (Health Assistant)