About Powell

     Powell Middle School is one of the four LPS middle schools.  We not only serve students from many of the LPS elementary schools, but we have a large number of students who open and optionally enroll into Powell, making it a school of choice for many families within Littleton and the surrounding areas.  While we are conveniently located near much of "the action" here in Littleton, our campus is nestled within a quiet neighborhood, free from distractions.  

     As part of LPS we follow a traditional school year calendar, starting our year in mid-August and ending in mid-May.  While our calendar is traditional, our school days and weeks are not.  We follow rotating schedules, allowing our students to see their teachers at different times during the day.  This rotation ensures that students have the opportunity to succeed in all of their classes; meaning a student who struggles with early morning classes does not always have their most difficult class first thing every morning.  We've found an increase in student productivity and academic achievement since implementing our rotating schedule.

     We are very proud of our "Pride" here: the staff, students, parents and community members who work together to make Powell the special place that it is. We are so pleased to have you in our pride...