LPS Open Enrollment Process Begins October 1st

LPS offers many educational choices to residents and non-resident families and welcomes out-of-district students. Colorado state law allows non-residents to enroll students in any Colorado school without paying tuition when state and district guidelines are followed. Resident families may attend their attendance-area school or apply for open enrollment at another LPS school.

All qualified students who apply within an open enrollment window will be part of a random drawing for acceptance, following district enrollment guidelines. Open enrollment applications must be turned in to each requested school. Families are encouraged to apply during window one.

Enrollment for the 2023–2024 school year is as follows:

  • Open Enrollment Window One for incoming middle and high school students begins October 1, 2022 and ends November 15, 2022. No open enrollment applications or Intent To Renew forms for incoming elementary students will be collected during Open Enrollment Window One for the 2023-2024 school year. Incoming middle and high school students will be notified by the end of the first full week in December (December 9, 2022). Students who apply and are not chosen in Open Enrollment Window One will be placed on a waitlist. Should space become available, a random drawing based on LPS Open Enrollment Guidelines will occur. Additionally, students who applied in Open Enrollment Window One will be placed in the random drawing before students who applied during Open Enrollment Window Two. 
  • Open Enrollment Window Two for all incoming elementary school students as well as incoming middle and high school students begins November 16, 2022 and ends the first Friday following winter break (January 13, 2023). ALL open enrollment applications and Intent To Renew forms for incoming elementary students will be collected during Window Two. Students will be notified by the second Friday of the second semester (January 20, 2023).    
  • LPS continues to accept open enrollment applications through the spring and summer as space allows. Please check with individual schools for availability. 

LPS Open Enrollment Guidelines

  • District residents have priority consideration over non-residents.
  • There is space available at the student’s grade level.
  • The student must be in good standing, grades, attendance, and behavior, in their previous school.
  • Good standing applies to resident and non-resident students seeking new and continuing open enrollment.
  • Open enrolled students must reapply at level changes, elementary to middle and middle to high.
  • Open enrolled students wanting to continue at the same school next year must complete an "Intent to Renew" form. This must be done each year by January 8th.

Powell is pleased to accept applications from students for both Open and Optional enrollment.  

Optional Enrollment is for families who live within the LPS attendance area and wish to attend an LPS school other than their home school for the 2023-24 school year. 
Open Enrollment is for families who wish to attend an LPS school for the 2023-24 school year and live outside of the LPS attendance area.

Open Enrollment forms are available on the district website.

Continuing your open and optional enrollment: Families who have a student currently enrolled at Powell and would like to renew enrollment for the 2023-24 school year are required to submit an "Intent to Renew" form by January 8th.  This form should be returned to the front office at Powell.  Available Oct 1st.

The following supporting documents must be submitted along with any applications for Open and Optional Enrollment at Powell:

  1. Copy of your lease, deed, or a current Public Service bill with your current address listed.**
  2. Copy of your most recent report card or transcript
  3. Copy of discipline record (The report is available from your current school)
  4. Copy of attendance record (if this is not included on the report card or transcript)
**Proof of residency is needed for Intradistrict (Optional Enrollment) applicants only.
Applications for enrollment cannot be considered until all supporting documents have been received.
Submit completed applications to:
Powell Middle School
8000 South Corona Way
Littleton, CO  80122
Fax to:  303-347-3975
Email to:  sbell[at]lps.k12.co[dot]us
For further information about Open/Optional Enrollment, please contact:
Stephanie Bell, Office Manager