Contact Us

Main Office

303-347-7950 (Phone)
303-347-3975 (Fax)

Main Office hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (M-F)

School Hours are 8:54-3:50
     *Students are admitted into the building at 8:30.  Students must be out of the building by 4 pm, unless participating in a club, activity, sport, or are directly supervised by a staff member.

Wednesday Late Start School Hours are 9:54-3:50


Steve Wolf, Principal, sawolf[at][dot]us
Brandy Nath, Assistant Principal, bnath[at][dot]us
Lawrence Chavers, Assistant Principal, lchavers[at][dot]us

Main Office Staff:

Stephanie Bell, Office Manager, 303-347-7952, sbell[at][dot]us
Nancy Lesan, Bookkeeper, 303-347-7951, nlesan[at][dot]us
Carri Ellison, Health Office, 303-347-7953, cellison[at][dot]us

Counseling Office:

303-347-7960 (Phone)
303-347-3950 (Fax)

Jill Hecomovich, Registrar & Counseling Secretary, 303-347-7961, jhecomovich[at][dot]us

Transportation Questions:

303-347-4775 (District Transportation Office)
*Please note that transportation questions and concerns are handled at a district level, not by the schools.

24 Hour Attendance Line:


Please report ALL absences on the 24 hour attendance line.

Attendance Office:

JoDee Durbin, Attendance Secretary, jdurbin[at][dot]us

     *Early Dismissal Procedures: While we understand that things come up during the school day, we strongly encourage you to make any and all appointments outside of school hours.  In the event that you cannot do this and need to come pick up your student(s) during the school day, please either call in the dismissal or send your student(s) in with a note stating their name, grade, reason for dismissal and time of dismissal.  We will get your student(s) to the office at the requested time.