High School Registration Information

2021-22 High School Registration/Open Enrollment

Heading to AHS next year? Go Warriors!  Visit their website for all pertinent registration dates and info:

Arapahoe High School
**Freshman Registration - AHS Counselors will be visiting Powell on Thursday, Jan 27th during CORE+ to share registration information and distribute class request forms.  Students will then take home their forms and complete them with their guardians. February 22nd AHS Counselors will return and be in the library for students (during CORE Plus/Tutorial time) to turn in their forms and to answer any questions that students may still have. 
AHS Shadow Days - CLICK HERE to sign up for Shadow Days
AHS Freshman Showcase - November 3, 2021

The Open Enrollment Application can be found on the AHS Open Enrollment page on the AHS website. Interested families can submit all open enrollment applications and supporting documents directly to Arapahoe High School. Questions regarding the open enrollment packets can be directed to Mrs. Dunsmore, Administrative Assistant to the Principal, at jdunsmore[at]lps.k12.co[dot]us (303-347-6023).

Heading to HHS next year? Go Eagles! Visit their website for all pertinent registration dates and info:

Heritage High School
Heritage Showcase Night - Nov 2nd

Heading to LHS next year? Go Lions! Visit their website for all pertinent registration dates and info:

Littleton High School
LHS Registration Night - Thursday, Feb 3rd, at 6:00 pm - Virtual
Click here for more information on Registration Night

8th Grade Visits - Click here to sign up for LHS tours and information sessions.

The Lion's Lore

LHS IB Diploma Program - Click here to view the IB brochure.

Please contact your student(s) high school with any questions about the Freshman Registration process.  We wish you and your student(s) continued success in their academic endeavors and best wishes for a wonderful high school experience!