Health Office

Carri Ellison
Health Assistant
303-347-7953 (no voicemail)

Ms. Ellison is 1st Aid and CPR trained and certified, and authorized to administer medications to students with HCAPs and/or medical authorization.  While Ms. Ellison is well trained and able to provide great care for our students, she is not a certified nurse.  LPS employs Nurse Practitioners who provide support to our health assistants and oversee care throughout all schools in the district.  The Nurse Practitioner for Powell is Nicole Guider (nguider[at][dot]us).

Does your student need medications administered at school? In order to administer medications to students at school, the Parent/Guardian Authorization to Administer Medications at School must be completed and signed by the parent/guardian and your child's physician's office.

Immunization records must be on file for all students.  Incoming 6th Graders (and new 7th and 8th) need to submit the most recent immunization record to the Health Office.

*This is a state law (C.R.S. 25-4-901 ET SEQ. See page 40 of the revised Code of Conduct). 

If you have any questions, or wish to get more information about your right to a medical, religious, or personal exemption, please call  Ms. Ellison at 303-347-7953.  Immunization information can be faxed to 303-347-3975 or dropped off in the main office.