What are the student school hours?

Regular Days: 8:20 am - 3:30pm
Doors and Library open at 8:00am; Lockers available at 8:10am
Late Start Wednesdays: 9:20am - 3:30pm
Doors and Library open at 9:00am; Lockers available at 9:10am

How do I meet with a counselor or administrator?  

Since our counselors and administrators are very busy during the school day, it is suggested that you make an appointment to meet with your student’s counselor or grade-level administrator.  Please call our front office to schedule an appointment at 303-347-7950.

How do I report an absence?

Please report ALL absences on our 24-hour attendance line - 303-734-6310. Please listen to the message and leave all information requested.

What is the process for picking up my student during school hours?

While we understand that things come up during the school day, we strongly encourage you to make any and all appointments outside of school hours.  In the event that you cannot do this and need to pick up your student(s) during the school day, please send your student(s) to school with a note stating their name, grade, reason for dismissal, and time of dismissal.  They should bring the note to the Attendance Office and our Attendance Secretary will issue your student a pass to be excused from class and meet you in the office at the requested time. We ask that you only call for us to deliver passes in cases of emergency.  Doing so helps protect the learning environment from unnecessary distractions and interruptions. Thank you for your support and understanding of this policy.

What if my student forgets something and I would like to bring it to school for them?

You are welcome to drop off the forgotten item in our Attendance Office, and the item will be delivered to your student at lunch.  

How can I set up bus transportation for my student?

Call LPS Transportation Services at (303) 347-4775 to request bus transportation.  

How do I find out about the events that are happening at Powell?

Make sure that your email address is shared with our PTO when you complete your annual family check in.  The PTO creates and distributes a monthly newsletter that contains information about upcoming school events.

Please bookmark our school website and use the calendar linked to our home page. Check back often to stay up-to-date on events:

Read our  Daily Announcements Blog  - Click on the Daily Announcements icon at the bottom of the Powell homepage to view the morning announcements that are read over the loudspeaker each day.

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