As we continue through the final quarter of the year, we also enter into assessment season.  The following is information relevant to the month of April and our assessment calendar.

  • Powell's Testing Calendar is as follows for 6th-8th CMAS English Language Arts and Math
    • Tuesday, March 31st: 8:54-11:05 am & 12:51-2:16 pm
    • Thursday, April 2nd: 8:54-11:05 am & 12:51-2:16 pm
    • Friday, April 3rd: 8:54-11:05 am & 12:51-2:16 pm
  • Powell's Testing Calendar is as follows for CMAS Science (8th).  I-Ready Testing (6th & 7th) will also be conducted during this time.
    • ​Tuesday, April 7th: 8:54-10:45 am and 12:35-2:15 pm
    • Thursday, April 9th: 8:54-10:45 pm
    • Friday, April 10th: 8:54-10:45 am
  • I-Ready Testing  8th grade) will be conducted during CORE+ and respective LA and Math classes during the following weeks.
    • Tuesday, April 14th (Reading)
    • Tuesday, April 21st (Math)

We ask that students bring their Chromebooks fully charged during the entire testing window.

The instructional activities for these calendar dates include students' current classes and coursework along with the above scheduled assessments.  For students in attendance who may not be taking the assessments, they will be in the cafeteria with something to read or school work to complete.

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