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On Friday, March 26, the Colorado Department of Education announced that the State's plan for state assessments has been conditionally approved by the U.S. Department of Education. You may recall that the LPS Board of Education passed a resolution in support of a reduced testing schedule this year.

Under the approved plan, districts are required to administer some of the Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) and Colorado alternate (CoAlt) assessments, while other assessments will become optional or will be suspended. Grade 8 Science, PSAT 9 and 10, as well as the SAT for grade 11 will be administered as previously scheduled.

The graphic below summarizes the state assessment requirements for Spring 2021:

Spring 2021 State Assessments

parents may opt-out

Optional for 2021:
requires parents to opt-in by April 2

(2021 Only)



Grade 6
(CMAS and CoAlt)

(Test Time: 3 hr 15 m)

English Language Arts
(Test Time: 5 hr 30 m)


Grade 7
(CMAS and CoAlt)

English Language Arts
(Test Time: 5 hr 30 m)

(Test Time: 3 hr 15 m)

Social Studies

Grade 8
(CMAS and CoAlt)

(Test Time: 3 hr 15 m)

(Test Time: 4 hr)

English Language Arts
(Test Time: 5 hr 30 m)




The reduced assessment requirements are for this spring only. Parents and caregivers who want to know how their children are progressing in both English language arts and math may have their children take both tests. 

Click below for additional information: 

Requests to opt-in to the optional English language arts and the Math assessments must be completed no later than April 2nd. Requests received after this date cannot be accepted. If you do not want your child to take these two assessments, no further action is necessary.

As always, parent decisions regarding state testing will be respected. State law continues to allow parents to excuse their children from taking these required state assessments (opt-out). If you have already opted your student out of this spring’s state assessments, no further action is needed.

What do parents need to do?

I don’t want my student to take state assessments

I want my student to take the required state assessments

I want my student to also take the optional state assessment

Opt out

How To Opt Out

No action

Opt in by April 2



Assessment dates for Powell are:

  • 6th Grade - April 19th  (all day)
  • 7th Grade - April 19th (all day) and April 20th (morning only)
  • 8th Grade - April 19th (all day - Math) and April 

Schedule for assessment days - 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade - Click Here

If opted-out students attend school on their assessment day(s), they will be expected to work on an asynchronous learning opportunity given through their Google Classrooms, read, or draw in the cafeteria or gym. There is an opportunity for opted-out students to do this from home.  Please call and inform the attendance office and we will mark them with an excused absence.