The word “pride” has dual meanings at Powell:

  1. To acknowledge the good and the noble or Someone or something cherished, valued, or enjoyed above all others
  2. A group of Pumas to resemble a Community or Family

We at Powell are very proud of what we have accomplished and look forward to achieving even greater things in our future.  We are committed to excellence and work diligently to help our students succeed and realize their potential.  Our faculty is among the best in south metropolitan Denver, which is one of the reasons why the Colorado Department of Education has rated Powell as an “Excellent” school every year since the inception of the School Report Card.  Many of our staff has advanced degrees in their content areas, with some still pursuing additional degrees and certifications in addition to teaching.

We at Powell have a renewed focus on Critical Thinking and Problem Solving as each pertains to 21st Century Literacy.  Powell utilizes 21st Century Tools such as document cameras and SMART Boards in nearly all of our classes with almost a daily frequency.  Beginning in the 2015-16 school year, each student has their own Chromebook to supplement classroom learning and facilitate after school work.  We have found that with heightened expectations and learning interventions provided by our faculty, our students are learning at deeper levels and are applying what they have learned to not only their school life, but to their life outside of the school’s walls.

Powell is truly the best kept secret in public or private education.  Powell Middle School is nestled in a quiet community free from distractions.  We have an expansive campus with tennis courts, soccer fields, baseball fields, a track, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, and a fully equipped weight room.  Our community is invested in our success by not only raising money for our programs, but also by offering their insight into helping our students learn.

Powell Pumas are genuinely a “pride”.  Our students are connected to one another like a family and have forged long-standing relationships with our faculty.  Our culture is founded on mutual respect and caring for one another.  The character of Powell students is unquestionable.  Powell students look to lead, but are mindful of those who follow.

The Powell Middle School Community has an energy that is invigorating and inspiring to everyone.  Our students, staff, and community support one another so that all may succeed.  Powell is a special place where students grow into young men and women ready to succeed in the next step of their journey.