Gifted and Talented

Powell has an unparalleled variety of options for gifted and talented students.  A large percentage of the students at Powell are identified as gifted and talented, and because of this, we offer many options and choices for students who demonstrate advanced capabilities and skills.

Course Options

Sixth Grade GT Seminar:  A required 9-week course for all incoming sixth grade GT students focuses on transition and advocacy skills, collaboration, critical thinking, advanced technology, and debate & discussion

Sixth-Eighth Grade Accelerated Core Courses:  Math, Language Arts

Sixth-Eighth Grade Elective Courses:  GT Seminar, Literature Enrichment, 21st Century Technology, Guitar, Yearbook, Electronic Publishing, Creative Writing/Expression, Choirs, World Solutions, Critical Thinking, Art, Metals Technology, Woods Technology, People of Vision, Band, Orchestra, Spanish, Family and Consumer Sciences. 

Differentiation within the Classroom

All teachers at Powell strive to meet the needs of each and every student.  The staff at Powell has been trained to differentiate instruction within the classroom and every child benefits from the variety of teaching methods utilized here. Teachers work to integrate the concepts of critical thinking and problem solving--strengths of our GT kids.  They differentiate for students by ability-grouping, offering alternative assignments and offering choices based on interests and skills. Independent study opportunities are available as well.

Lisa Calkins, the GT Facilitator at Powell Middle, is also available to teachers for developing advanced projects, assessments, and assignments designed for specific students who wish to learn beyond the standard curriculum. She can be reached at lcalkins[at][dot]usClick here for her G/T website.

Extracurricular Options

Powell has many different clubs, sports, and activities for students.  Some of those may include:

Art Club
Brain Bowl*
Chess Club*
District and State Spelling Bee*
*G/T Sponsored