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At the heart of Littleton Public Schools’ academic excellence and rigorous instruction are our licensed personnel: the dedicated teachers, counselors, and social workers who ignite curiosity, foster intellectual growth, and support the emotional and social wellbeing of every student. Our commitment to employing the best of the best in the educational field is reflected in the successes of our students. Our licensed staff are not just educators; they are mentors, guides, and architects of a brighter future, embodying excellence, innovation, and inclusivity.

Understanding the importance of continuous growth and development, LPS proudly supports licensed staff through initiatives like the Aspiring Administrators program and tuition reimbursement opportunities for teachers. In LPS, lifelong learning is valued, and staff members are empowered to excel and innovate in their roles. Whether in the classroom, providing crucial counseling services, or supporting students' social needs, licensed staff are given the tools and encouragement to advance their expertise. This investment not only enhances LPS’s educational offerings but ensures our students are guided by the most passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated professionals in the field.

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Pull Quote: "The community is supportive and knowledgeable. We are thoughtful with most of our decisions and really look to see all options before moving forward with big decisions. - Elementary Teacher"

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Pull Quote: "In LPS, I have had opportunities to be involved in district committees and discussions around the variety of needs to help students access social-emotional and academic support. The openness to get teacher voice in LPS is one of the best strengths of the district and helps me feel comfortable to discuss a variety of topics. - Special Education Teacher"

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