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In Littleton Public Schools, classified employees’ dedication and hard work ensure the smooth operation and nurturing environment that our students and staff rely on every day. These invaluable team members are responsible for a wide array of critical tasks that support our educational mission. 

Classified employees do so much: from the meticulous cleaning and maintenance of school facilities, ensuring a safe and welcoming learning environment, to the safe transportation of students, providing peace of mind for families; from preparing and serving nutritious meals that fuel our students’ bodies and minds to managing essential records and reports to keep our district transparent and efficient. Classified staff offer direct support in classrooms and on playgrounds, in before- and after-school programs, in securing our buildings, and numerous other duties that, while often behind the scenes, are fundamental to our children's education, safety, and wellbeing.

We recognize and celebrate the classified employees as the backbone of our school district. Their diverse roles and unwavering commitment create the foundation upon which our educational achievements stand. By supporting every aspect of our district's operations, they enable teachers to teach, students to learn, and the school community to thrive. We are deeply grateful for their contributions and are committed to not only recognizing their indispensable role in our collective success, but supporting them as valued members of district personnel.

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