Header: New Teacher Support

Induction Program

Littleton Public Schools provides extensive support to teachers new to our district through our recurrent and ongoing Induction Program, which is available to teachers during the first three years in our district. It unfolds in progressive stages, following each teacher’s development and individual needs. Experienced teachers who are new to LPS generally participate in first-year induction activities. 

Induction Program Goals include:

  • Easing the transition into teaching by providing an acclamation to building culture and sustained, ongoing processes that support evolving needs of new teachers.
  • Improving teacher practice through training in classroom management, effective teaching strategies, and use of curricular and assessment tools to best meet the diverse needs of students.
  • Promoting the district’s culture – its philosophies, missions, policies, procedures, and goals.
  • Fostering a collaborative learning community for all teachers by supporting collaborative efforts with fellow colleagues.
  • Ensuring teacher success thereby increasing the retention of greater numbers of highly qualified teachers.
  • Responding to the varying needs of teachers based on experience and knowledge, and the changing needs for professional learning through customization of professional learning at each building.
  • Continuing to improve the nature and level of support offered to teachers new to LPS through surveys to evaluate the program.
  • Providing peer observation and networking opportunities to support teacher growth in areas of assignment.
  • Introducing teachers to the Colorado Model Content Performance Standards and offering options for continued professional learning.
  • Introducing teachers to the support system provided by central office and building administration.

New Educator Induction

Each August district administrators, the Board of Education, building principals, and instructional coaches gather to welcome teachers new to LPS. Our welcome breakfast includes an opportunity for teachers to meet district leadership followed by a short program which includes our traditional pinning ceremony. Following the breakfast, the LPS instructional coaches join new teachers in attending Induction Day workshops organized to provide helpful information for the transition into LPS. Sessions are tailored to address teacher’s informational needs on programs and goals for school and student achievement, and to familiarize teachers with the district’s interpretation of state and national policies and practices. Professional learning support services and staff are also introduced and identified at this time.

Instructional Coaches

Instructional coaches provide job-embedded professional development at each of our elementary and secondary building sites. As part of our Induction Program, our teachers meet on a regular basis with their on-site instructional coach to receive support in: 

  • planning and lesson design
  • use of student assessment data to differentiate student learning
  • addressing district curriculum
  • developing sound assessments and communicating student learning
  • working collaboratively with fellow colleagues
  • gaining insight into building culture
  • feedback on classroom instruction
  • opportunities for reflection on teaching practice

Mentor Support

At each of our three high schools, teachers new to LPS are assigned a mentor in their content area or field who meets with them on a regular basis and provides opportunities for observation, co-planning, and assistance. Mentors assist with course materials and resources, seek to improve the new teacher’s instruction, and provide a day-to-day support for questions and problems that may arise. Mentor support is available for a minimum of one year.