Climate, Safety, & Wellness Surveys

Climate, Safety and Wellness Inventory

LPS utilizes anonymous surveys to help gather important information from students, staff and parents about the school environment and student health and wellness. Annual surveys are implemented with students in grades 3-12. Students are given time in school to complete the survey but there is no penalty for choosing not to participate. Survey data is used to help LPS and individual schools with continuous improvement, adjusting programs and resources to meet the needs of students and to support inclusive and safe environments for everyone in the school community. Parents can opt their students out of the survey by submitting an opt-out form to their child's school.  Parents/Guardians receive a link to access the Parent/Family survey through a communication directly from the child's school. 

In 2021, LPS began implementing a new Climate Safety and Wellness Inventory using the Panorama survey platform. To view the student survey questions, follow these links: 

2022-23 Student Survey Questions:

3rd-5th Grade Student Survey Questions: 3rd-5th - ENGLISH  /  6th-12th - SPANISH  /  3rd-5th -VIETNAMESE

6th-12th Grade Student Survey Questions:  6th-12th - ENGLISH / 6th-12th - SPANISH  / 6th-12th - VIETNAMESE

To opt your student out of the survey:  Opt Out Form / Opt Out Form SPANISH

2022-23 Staff Survey Questions: Staff Questions  - ENGLISH

2022-23 Parent / Family Survey Questions (open to all LPS Parents/Guardians):  Family Questions - ENGLISH  /  Family Questions - SPANISH / Family Questions - VIETNAMESE