Child Abuse Prevention

Child Abuse Prevention
LPS is committed to helping all kids be safe and free from abuse or neglect of any kind. As part of annual mandated reporter training requirements, staff must review child abuse reporting guidelines and responsibilities, including how to report concerns and suspected abuse or neglect. Staff also receive specific training in sexual assault and sexual harassment. In addition to mandated reporter training, LPS uses the following methods to help prevent abuse:

  • Background checks for all staff, coaches and volunteers
  • Visitor entry management system with background checks
  • Anonymous reporting through Safe2Tell
  • Coordination with local law enforcement including our School Resource Officers 
  • Training for students about personal safety and abuse prevention (Sungate Safe Kids, KidPower)

Sungate SK2 Program
The Sungate Safe Kids Program (SK2) is a school-based child abuse prevention program designed for elementary-aged students. Geared toward 3rd - 5th graders, this dynamic program allows students to meet and watch life-sized puppet “kids” discuss their personal experiences with child abuse. The puppet "kids" share with the students how they were empowered to get help and ways they can prevent abuse in the future. Throughout the 45-minute program, students have multiple opportunities to interact with the “kids” who are sharing their stories. The effectiveness of the SK2 program lies in the fact that it is “kids” talking to kids about child abuse. This peer-to-peer sharing of information makes the topic relatable and accessible in a uniquely compelling way. The curriculum covers issues relating to child physical and sexual abuse in a non-fear based, age-appropriate, engaging and informative manner.

Parents can learn more by reading Tips for Helping Kids Stay Safe from Abuse or watch a video about the SK2 Program

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KidPower is another resource that provides support and workshops in LPS. These workshops teach kids and parents the specific skills needed to keep themselves confident, aware and safe.  Using a fun and interactive approach, kids get to rehearse and practice situations specific to their age, individual needs and situation. KidPower also provides numerous resources for parents and adult caregivers on how to help support safety and wellness for all kids. KidPower workshops can be hosted by any school or organization.

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