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Thank you for your interest in substitute teaching for Littleton Public Schools!

We’re excited to announce that Littleton Public Schools has entered into a partnership agreement with ESS, a leading education personnel and management company. As of November 28, 2022, ESS will manage the district's daily and long-term substitute teachers and substitute para staff.

The partnership calls for ESS to recruit, screen, train, hire, place and manage applicants interested in becoming substitutes for Littleton Public Schools. It's important that ESS hires as many of our current substitutes as possible. ESS has plans to hire additional substitute employees locally as needed to fill classrooms with qualified substitutes who can contribute to enhanced student achievement. The ESS program also includes a local management team, as well as a significant commitment to the LPS community through various involvement initiatives.

If you are interested in substitute teaching at LPS, please visit the ESS site and apply today!

ESS FAQs for Substitute Teachers

Q. Why should I become an ESS substitute or permanent employee?
A. ESS substitute and permanent employees are a valuable resource who can make lasting impressions on students' lives. Working as a substitute teacher, a paraprofessional, or a support staff employee, you’re able to provide a needed service while expanding your network and gaining valuable on-the-job experience. Our employees are often first in line to obtain full-time jobs in our partner districts. At ESS, you're able to gain these experiences while enjoying many benefits and perks.

Q. Are there currently any open positions with ESS?
A. Yes, we have immediate openings available for permanent and substitute employees.

Q. Where can I work?
A. ESS substitute employees are eligible to work within any of our client districts. Once you have been activated in our automated system, you will have the ability to create a preferred schools list. From there you will specify the schools you prefer to work in and those you do not. ESS permanent employees are hired to work at one specific school district for the entire school year.

Q. Where are your districts?
A. We currently partner with more than 900+ school districts in 33 states throughout the U.S.

Q. What credentials do I need?
A. Credentialing is different in every state. We suggest speaking directly with your ESS recruiter to find out exactly what is needed.

Q. Why do you require training?
A. Training is a pre-employment requirement for all new ESS employees. We find that our full- day training seminar prepares our employees for the classroom, and it is regarded by its attendees as interactive and engaging. We always hear our teachers have learned something new, even if they have been in the classroom for years.

Q. If I work in two different districts, will I have to setup two different payroll accounts?
A. No, you only need to one payroll account.

Q. How often are we paid?
A. You are paid weekly after your first paycheck which is two weeks in arrears.

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